Monday, September 14, 2015

My Interview On The Dragon's Lair Has Been Pushed Up To September

Happy Monday my merry muff munchers. Hey that's pretty good alliteration.
I apologize that things have been a little quiet. It has been hectic, still recovering and getting caught up from when I was in Vegas and then I spent Thursday through Saturday on a little mini vacation down in Tustin plus I've been busy with mainstream acting and writing, have a new book coming out in October and editing another one before I send it out.
But I am slowly getting caught up and will start to give this blog the love and attention it deserves of a blog that has been nominated for awards.
Anyway, quick little update, remember how I was supposed to be on The Dragon's Lair Radio Show in October, well that's been pushed up and I am now going to appear on the September 29th show. Super excited so make sure you guys tune in!
Also, it looks like I may be a part of my good friend Tarantino XXX's new horror porn film. More deets when I know if this is truly happening; which I really hope it is. I love his stuff.


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