Monday, September 14, 2015

Here's Some Awesome Nicki Hunter News!

This is my favorite kind of news to report: awesome, nice and talented porn stars doing mainstream stuff.
So I've been lucky enough to get to know and become friends with Nicki through porn star karaoke and let me tell you besides being one of the nicest performer I've ever met she's also a super talented singer. Oh my God, seriously, do yourselves a favor go down to Sardo's tomorrow and hear her sing!
Okay, enough ass kissing, haha ;), onto the news.
First, mark your calendars for September 17th and you will be able to see Nicki in Strike One the new film from David Llauger Meiselman which stars the amazing Danny Trejo. You can see the movie at 8PM PDT
Super awesome news number two: On October 1st Nicki will be singing with Feral Vinca at The Viper Room as well as performing a solo set of her own! If you guys haven't heard Feral Vinca, treat yourselves and get your asses down to The Viper Room.
Congrats on everything Nicki and see you at PSK!