Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Review Of Safe Landings By Kay Brandt

First before I start this review I have to say two things: One congratulations to Kay on a wonderful book and to all of us who were involved in the film-cast and crew-on bringing these rich characters to life and two: it is really cool and also a little weird to read a book that is the basis of a film you were in, especially when you read your character description and the scenes you were in. It's funny because after working on the phone you see the other actors in your head while you read the action and hear their voices while you read their dialogue. It's kind of trippy at first but then it's really, really cool.
Okay enough of that. Let me also say that just because I was in the film and have gotten pretty close with Kay, that did not influence my review or bias it at all. Those who know me know I don't bullshit and if something is crap I have no problems saying it is crap. Safe Landings is the furthest thing from crap I've read in a while. In this day and age where everyone and their dog is self-publishing erotica, and not very good erotica at that, it is nice to read a novel that is not only sexy but also riveting, has depth, characters you care about and root for because they are so real and has a nice balance of funny parts, parts that will turn you on and parts that will make you cry. I'm not exaggerating. Have some tissues while you read this thing because you will be weeping. I was in the damn movie, I know the damn story, how it ends and I was balling like a little baby.
I will also caution readers too, read this when you have a day to kill. I could not put this book down and even when I set it aside I found myself picking it up five minutes later because I had to find out what happened next. I wasn't exaggerating when I called Kay the Stephen King of erotica writers and I am now anxiously awaiting her next novel.
The story follows Elaine and Jessica, two women who have survived a terrible tragedy and who are brought together and develop a great friendship and then a great affair because of it; something that both need to help them move on and feel alive again. Along the way we get to know Elaine's husband, Ryan, and Jessica's boyfriend, Steven, two men who love the women they are with yet feel powerless to help them move on and find the loves of their lives slipping further and further away from them.
Will Elaine and Jessica be able to move away from the tragedy and become the women they once were? Will Ryan and Steven be strong enough to stand by them? Will Elaine and Jessica's relationship last? Well to find out you're going to have to read the book for yourself which is available here:
Bottom line, if you are a fan of good, well-written emotional erotica that packs a huge punch and delivers a satisfying payoff as well as hot sex scenes that will have you reaching for a cigarette this is the book for you. Kay brings us back to the good old days of the classics from Emmanuelle Arsan and Pauline Reage which is a welcome change from the awful tripe we've had come out in the last few years.
Grade: Solid A+ A must own.