Friday, October 9, 2015

Venus Lux Launches TransGlobal Magazine

Trans performer Venus Lux is expanding her empire, the twenty-four year old already owns her own studio Venus Lux Entertainment, and now she has announced the launch of TransGlobal Magazine which will feature podcasts, interviews, resources and a YouTube channel for original content.
This is awesome and I am glad Lux has created this amazing site-I've already checked it out and I have a huge 100% fan-to give a voice and a big spotlight on a subset of the industry and a subset of the LGBT community that is often glossed over, forgotten, ignored and full of phobia and misinformation.
You can check out the site here: and I already love the fact that the number to the Trans Life Line is on the homepage in bold; seriously if any of y'all need to call that number or need help USE IT!
Lux has also said that the site will also be looking to promote and sponsor events so if any of you have anything that fits with bringing down transphobia and promoting the T in LGBT get in contact with her. TransGlobal will also be putting out some cool merch and swag such as t-shirts and stickers to help create awareness of their movement and magazine; you know I'll wear 'em proudly.
And, this is the really cool thing, they are looking for photographers, writers and contributors. Any interested parties should send an email here:
Congrats Venus and thank you for creating this amazing site!