Friday, October 9, 2015

Grooby Launches New Social Media Site 2T4FB

So awhile back I posted about the site in which porn stars, and well I guess anybody, could post pics that are too hot for mainstream social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter without worrying about getting banned or getting their accounts shut down by frigid jealous prudes.
Well I am so excited about this announcement from Grooby who has teamed up with Lightspeed Media, the company which helped bring us 2Hot4FB, to bring all of us trans lovers and trans performers a place to share and appreciate the beauty of transmen and women. That's right y'all! has launched and if it's anything like 2Hot4FB you are gonna have to browse the pics with the cold shower on the ready!
I will check out the site and post a full review, along with a review of 2Hot4FB soon.
Congrats Grooby and can't wait to see what kind of hot pics are posted!