Monday, October 19, 2015

My Experience As A Foot Fetish Model For Baby Boy Taz's Foot Husbands

Let me start out by saying that I never thought I would ever get hired as a foot fetish model. I am not into feet, I am not into my own feet and that genre of modeling was something I never ever though I would be approached to do.
You see, I have dancer's feet. What I mean by that is they are calloused from year's of dancing barefoot, they have the arch and they also have the wear and tear from the year's I spent as a long distance runner and the fact that I hate shoes and, even when I'm outdoors, don't wear shoes that often. So it always surprises me when people are into my feet because I think they are ugly and weird looking.
So imagine my surprise when my friend Baby Boy Taz, owner and founder of Foot Husbands, asked me if I would be interested in modeling for him. As someone who loves to try anything new I said yes as I was curious about what the shoot would entail.
Well let me say it was one of the funnest modeling shoots I've ever been on. I don't know if it's because Baby Boy Taz and I are real life friends but we were relaxed and very comfortable with each other.
The cool thing about this shoot was there was no nudity and no sexual stuff at all. I was clothed the whole time and the only thing that was naked was my feet. And the only time it ever got remotely sexual was when Baby Boy Taz videotaped himself tickling my feet with various objects while I was strapped to his bed, again fully clothed sans shoes and socks. 
The interesting thing about Foot Husbands is since Baby Boy Taz is an actor and has that background he likes to make the shoots theatrical. You can get a sense of that by viewing the trailer to my shoot here:
Pretty cool huh? We used my background as a writer for the basic premise.
And if that's not cool enough I also got interviewed by him; that's where the above picture comes from, and yes I will let you guys know when the interview is released so you can check it out.
In the meantime, anyone who is in LA and looking to have a fun shoot to build their ports or to just say they did it, shoot with Baby Boy Taz. Foot Husbands is such a professional studio. There's no creepiness, no awkwardness and he doesn't make you do anything you don't want to do. In fact I would love to shoot with him again I had so much fun!
Baby Boy Taz, thanks for such a great shoot and can't wait to see the video and the interview.