Monday, January 26, 2015

Update: Clover Bailed Out Of Jail

Hey guys, a quick second post about Clover. Now I posted the other day about his arrest for beating up fellow performer and his girlfriend Morgan Lee in Las Vegas before the AVN Awards. It is being reported from several sites that Clover was bailed out of jail sometime prior to 6AM this morning and that he was spotted at The Planet Hollywood Hotel in Vegas. This is the hotel he had been staying at with Morgan Lee.
Morgan told TRPWL this: " “I’m sorry to my agency and agent for not listening, and lying to them and myself from the October event. This was a blessing in disguise for me, and I’m sorry to all his friends and companies that tried to help him, we were all fooled. This will push me to do well in this industry and live my life in peace now.” The site has also shared her pictures resulting from the attack. You can see the pics and read more about this still developing story here:
As I reported in my earlier post this isn't Clover's first time in jail for domestic violence. He was released January 7th from an LA County Jail after being remanded November 17th for domestic violence charges against his then girlfriend, make up artist, Jennifer Jaen. Clover was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to take domestic violence classes. Since these new charges are most likely a probation violation there is probably a good chance that Clover will be back in jail before the week is out. Clover was also ordered to stay away from alcohol and any place that sells it and, according to a statement from Morgan Lee, he has violated that condition of his probation as well.
To make matters even more creepy, Jaen has stated that she was attacked by Clover back in May of 2014 in a hotel room in Vegas. The details of her attack are eerily similar to Lee's attack. You can read that story here:
Keep checking back for more updates and posts as they become available. My thoughts and prayers are still with everyone involved with this.


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