Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sex Box Is Coming To WE TV This February

Hey hey my ravenous readers of all things deliciously raunchy. This wasn't the post I was planning on posting today, I will be posting that in a few hours though so don't worry.
Now I don't know if this story falls into porn or the adult industry per se, but I want to make people aware of it because it shows that America is, hopefully, moving into a more sex positive place and era.
First let me preface this by saying that I am not familiar with this show, I've never seen any episodes and until a few minutes ago I wasn't even aware of its move to American television.
According to the good folks at Instinct Magazine WE TV has bought the rights to the British show Sex Box. The series is scheduled to air February. You can read the brief article and see the trailer here:
The show sounds interesting enough. Real couples have real sex in front of a real studio audience. The couple is inside a sound proof box. After they have had sex, the couple then comes out of the box and talks about their experience with a panel of sexperts.
I like the idea of this as I think it will encourage couples to push their boundaries and to begin an open, honest dialogue about sex and hopefully get everyone to see that sex isn't something to be ashamed of and show that it's okay to talk about it.
The British version didn't last too long, only seven episodes, and most of the critics agreed that the show was quite tame and boring.
The American version will begin with an hour long pilot followed by eight additional hour long episodes and will be hosted by relationship therapist Fran Walfish and will also feature Dr. Chris Donaghue a sex therapist, Dr. Yvonne Capehart a Florida pastor and Danielle Stewart a comedian who will provide backstage commentary.

So what do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Will it take off? Fail? Is mainstream TV ready for a show like this? Is it too edgy? Will it be too tame? Should it be on HBO? Showtime? Cinemax? PlayBoy?

Leave your thoughts, if any, in the comments below.


EDIT: An actor friend of mine just said he saw the breakdowns for this on LA Casting looking for "couples" and apparently in the breakdown it says the sex will be simulated. Well I'm disappointed now. Guess this is gonna be a let down like Naked And Afraid was.

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