Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Spotlight on Kelli McCarty

Hope 2015 is treating you guys well my favorite fans of filth. Today I decided to spotlight an actress who has had a unique and fascinating career and even though she's only done one hardcore porn movie in her career, I think she more than deserves to be honored on this blog and she is an example of what I hope will eventually happen in the industry: that mainstream performers can do both softcore and even hardcore using their own names and not being ashamed of it and maybe one day, there won't be any blacklisting or consequences for the performers who choose to do this if it's for survival, fun or because they are sex positive and not ashamed to express it. Ladies and gentlemen I am talking about the beautiful and talented Kelli McCarty.
She was born on September 6 1969 in Liberal Kansas. In 1991 she competed as Miss Kansas and was crowned Miss USA. Her win was celebrated heavily in Kansas as the pageant took place in Kansas and this was the first time a contestant from Kansas won the title. She then went on to be a finalist in The Miss Universe Pageant.

As far as mainstream roles, Kelli had guest spots on the series Dream On, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Phil Of The Future, That's So Raven and Beyond The Break as well as a recurring role as Ms. Lovelson on Even Stevens but she is probably best known and loved as Beth Wallace in the soap opera Passions. Now I must confess that I loved that soap. Witches, spells, time travels, hot people who can't act, hot people who can act, musical numbers, angels, devils, girls date raping men, fake pregnancies and even a monkey as a nurse. You could tell that the actors were just having a good time in their roles and not taking it that seriously but that's what made it for. Kelli appeared in 284 episodes of the soap from 1999-2006. Kelli also possesses a background in improve and even performed sketch comedy at the ACME Comedy Theatre in Los Angeles.
Throughout her mainstream career, Kelli also appeared in a number of softcore films such as Passions Peak, Hollywood Sex Fantasy, Fast Lane To Vegas and House of Love; I highly recommend the latter two. They are excellent and great fun and check out the secret to Fast Lane To Vegas, Fast Lane To Malibu. Kelli also appeared on multiple episodes of my favorite softcore series Co-Ed Confidential.

On July 7th 2000 she married TV writer, director and producer Matt Dearborn whose credits include Beverly Hills 90210, Eerie Indiana, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, The Secret World Of Alex Mack, Even Stevens and Zeke and Luther. The couple were married until 2008.
Now let's get to the reason I'm sure most of you clicked on this post. Kelli's hardcore career.
In 2008, and no I don't know if this was before or after she got divorced or even if this had anything to do with her divorce, she was approached by Vivid to star in the film Faithless. Kelli agreed only if she could have the following stipulations in her contract: that she be involved with casting, writing, editing and that she had final approval over everything. They agreed and Faithless was released on February 4th 2009.
To promote the film Kelli appeared on Howard Stern, KROQ-FM's Kevin and Bean and Frosty, Heidi and Frank show.

The film brought Kelli two AVN Nominations for Best Actress and for Acting Performance Of The Year in the female category.
Even though this was her only hardcore film she did appear in the documentaries Porn: Business Of Pleasure and Rated A For Adult.
These days, Kelli works as a photographer doing portrait, wedding and even boudoir photography. Check out her site and maybe give her some business:


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