Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trent Ferris Speaks Out Against Dallas Reeves

Happy Sunday my sensual sex lovers. Hope the weekend's been good to you and you were able to relax, rest, enjoy it and get the batteries recharged for the coming week.
I found this story particularly interesting and thought I would pass it along and see not only what your thoughts on it are but also if anyone can offer any insights.
Now let me preface this by saying that I don't know Trent, I don't know Dallas Reeves, I don't know Baileey and I don't know their studio or their content. I have no reason to try to discredit or advocate the company or try to prove or disprove Trent's claims. The only thing I do know is that many performers who have worked for the company have complained about unfair treatment, not getting paid on time or at all or getting paid less than what was expected. The thing I find interesting is except for Broke Straight Boy Vadim Black, and now Trent, all the performers who have spoken out about the company have remained anonymous. Makes me wonder what they are so afraid of or what dirt the studio has on them that they feel they must hide. It also makes me angry that these boys feel that scared to not be able to speak out against a studio or person, especially if their claims have validity.
Anyway, the good folks over at are the ones who first reported this story. You can read the full version here: but to sum it up:
A few days ago Trent tweeted that he had received a phone call from one of Dallas Reeves' houseboys alerting Trent that he had discovered medication for AIDS belonging to Dallas. Understandably Trent, who has performed in bareback scenes with Dallas, became very worried and has reportedly been tested every month since the phone call. Trent then also goes on to say that the studio does not care about the models' test results and, like so many who have spoken out, makes claims that the studio has ripped off and, eerily says that the studio has trapped models in some type of way so that they (the models) have no one but them (Dallas Reeves and the studio) to depend on to survive.
Even typing that I get chills up and down my spine and ask, once again, just what kind of dirt does Dallas have on these boys? What can he be using that is so dark and damaging and dangerous that he is able to trap these boys into, from the sound of it, complete and utter dependence on him?
To add even more creepiness and a higher sleaze factor, the houseboy claims to have found the medication hidden in a closet behind some clothes. So my question is, if Dallas Reeves is truly HIV+ or has AIDS, has he ever disclosed it to any of the models he has worked with? What about the models he has barebacked? And how many other models that are positive has he hired without telling anyone? I'm also thinking about the models who have done bareback scenes for his studio and then went on to other studios and done bareback scenes there. Have these models been unwittingly putting others and themselves at risk?
Trent ends the tweet by saying that Dallas has ruined many porn star's careers. Is he alluding to the fear that so many boys have? Has Dallas been slandering performers to other studios? Or does this have to do with Dallas' possibly HIV diagnosis? And it must be said, if the studio or any performer is deliberating putting the health of people at risk that is a federal crime.
So what are your thoughts? And of course I will post more blogs and updates as the information becomes available.
And Trent, I'm sending you lots of good thoughts that you remain healthy and I wish you and your future husband, Sam Truitt, much happiness and joy. Congrats boys!


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