Friday, January 23, 2015

Broke Straight Boy Tyler White Tweets Then Deletes About Having Lyme Disease

So this is gonna be a brief little post. I promise you guys I'm going to get back to the roots and give you naked porn stars and start doing more reviews on scenes and studios but damn it, it's hard when all these news stories are happening and I also want this blog to be a place to not only look at naked pictures or watch naked clips but also to learn about the history of people in the industry and to give you guys any news that develops about the industry and the people in it.
So this one kind of raised my Scooby ears and is why I decided to blog it cause I not only wanna hear people's thoughts but I'm hoping that maybe someone can either point me towards the truth or shed more light on this.
So last night while I was blogging about the Johnny Rapid arrest I saw a post on saying that Tyler White from Broke Straight Boys had Tweeted out that he has Lyme Disease. When I clicked on the link it only brought me to his Twitter and the post on it.
Well now when I check the link, the Tweet has been deleted and I'm seeing people comment that he actually has lie disease. Okay cute little play on words but that got the detective in me going. If he doesn't have Lyme Disease why Tweet about it? And if he is lying, which I'm not saying he is, but if he is to get attention or sympathy why pick Lyme Disease?

So what are your thoughts? Tyler, if you do have Lyme Disease, I hope you get well soon and will be able to return to work soon.


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