Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Former Dallas Reeves Employee Comes Forward And Speaks Out About The Company

Okay this just pisses me off to no end! As I'm sitting here typing this I'm getting madder and madder. I'm not going to try to rehash the interview, I'm just going to post the link so you can read it yourself. I honestly do not know how Dallas Reeves still stays in business or why models continue to work for him and apply to his company. All you have to do is Google him and you will see page after page after page of dirt on him. The fact that him and his staff are making models sleep with them, keeping them in houses without water, not testing models for STD's and putting the health of these models at stake is the reason why people think that EVERYONE involved in porn is as sleazy as these guys. I have never once asked any of the potential models I approach to work for Helix to sleep with me, I've never even brought it up. I've never even asked for any nude pictures or anything from them. Why? Because I take my job seriously. I'm a professional and I actually care about the boys I'm approaching and want them to get into the business and apply to Helix because they WANT to; half the time I don't even care about the commission I make.
I think the thing that really makes me mad is that these are now two people who have come out and said that Dallas is HIV+ and that is willingly and knowingly not disclosing his status and putting the lives and health of other guys at risk. That's a felony. I hope to God that people come forward and this scum sucking low life is brought to justice. If I could I'd charge him with endangerment and attempted murder myself.
Plus the fact that he allegedly had a performer who had an STD perform a scene with Johnny Rapid and not disclose that information and use an old test result. That turns my stomach.
Please, please, please, if you have been a victim of this awful excuse for a man and human being, come forward. He can't hurt you. He won't hurt you. He doesn't have the balls. And please, please, please, do not work for him. Do not allow him to victimize anymore guys.
Please, let's rally together all of us in the industry who have hearts and souls and actually care about the wellbeing of the performers and stop Dallas Reeves once and for all!
The interview is here:
Now I gotta go cool off. Damn! The fiery Italian in me just came out!


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