Monday, February 23, 2015

My Last Post On Blogger But I'm Not Leaving Quite That Easily

Happy Monday my lovelies. I write this post with melancholy and sadness. Google and Blogger have sent emails to all of us stating that they are going to start shutting down blogs that feature explicit nudity and sexual acts, videos, etc. The only way you can now have an adult blog is if you post pictures of "artistic nudity." Whatever the fuck that means.
It pisses me off because we are living in 2015 and I thought we were moving away from this puritanical society bullshit but I guess I was wrong. I also kind of feel like this takes away my right of free speech and my right of freedom of the press.
But not to worry because, here's the good news, All The Porn That's Fit To Fuck is not dead. No sure. A lot of you have suggested it. A lot of you have asked for it well now you're getting it. I am moving to Tumblr!
I was actually wondering why I didn't have a desire these last few days to update and now I know why my gut was telling me not to do it.
So I will begin my new Tumblr life tomorrow with some awesome posts. I'm too tired from writing some hot urban erotica to do it today and I will also be moving the old posts from this blog over to Tumblr so everyone can enjoy them. So tell your friends to follow my Tumblr and do it too. I had almost 6000 readers on this thing let's see if we can double that by the end of this month! HAHA ;)
And I'm really going to go all out with this Tumblr. I even created a fake name to go with it. Desire Taylor. Sexy right? HAHA. I love coming up with names.
Anyway, here's the link to my Tumblr: follow me and tell your friends.

Thanks for all the support! Love you guys.
-JOE or should I say
-Desire Taylor- ;)