Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rest In Peace The Unicorn

Salutations my band of merry readers. I wish I could give you a happier post this Sunday but I have some sad news. After 21 years in Chelsea, The Unicorn, closed today.
The Unicorn, one of the last remaining gay porn shops on Eight Avenue, was closed because of a rent increase and also due to violations that was issued by The Department Of Buildings because more than 40% of the merchandise was sexual in nature. duh! It's a porn shop. What do you want? And after 21 years? Sounds like a case of homophobia to me. The manager, John Michael Cox, also said that business has been slow due to internet porn. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the internet has both helped and hurt my industries: both mainstream acting and the adult industry. There's so much more competition out there now for performers, directors, writers and, and I blame reality shows on this one, the money is just not there anymore. So while the internet has helped people get their names out there, it has also hurt us in many ways. Anyways, off the soap box.
If you guys would like to read the full article, which is basically just some quotes from Cox and one of his employees you can click here:
I wish him all the best and hope that he and his employees don't suffer too much financially because of this.
And, if The Unicorn did get cited and have to close down due to complaints from angry neighbors, fuck off and get the stick out of your ass. You live in friggin' Chelsea. What do you expect?


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