Monday, February 16, 2015

Spotlight On Haze Him

Hello hello my ravenous readers. Insomnia has struck this old broad so I decided to do some posting. It's appropriate that I'm doing this post now as I just had some Ramen Noodles-I know, I know, I can hear what you guys are saying now but that's what happens when you live with college boys; actually one of my boys did give me shit about it but hey Ramen Noodles are delicious! So continuing with one of my favorite subjects, hot frat guys fucking other hot frat guys, ladies and gentledudes, I give you Haze Him!

As I said in my post about Dick Dorm, I'm not that big a fan of Haze Him. I really have to be in the mood for some good old frat boy hazing, degradation porn to go searching for these vids. There's only three that I really enjoy and watch on a regular basis: Mackenzie The Wicked, The Texas Longhorns Beer Pong One and one that involves two frat members taking turns on two pledges. For me, I think the biggest off putting thing to me, which may be what others who like this genre enjoy, is the guys i.e. the poor little pledges, don't seem to be enjoying the humiliation or the fucking or the whole experience. You can actually see the humiliation and, in some cases, sadness in their eyes and even if I am watching humiliation/hazing porn, I still wanna get the sense that all the participants are enjoying it and want to actually be working on the set.

The plots are pretty standard and formulaic. For the most part these are good old fashioned frat boys hazing pledges. The pledges, usually twinks though there have been some jockish ones, are humiliated in front of the frat boys; all athletic, toned jocks of course. Sometimes the pledges are humiliated in front of a larger group of students and sometimes in front of girls. The pledges are usually forced to do some kind of humiliating task: wrestle naked in a kiddie pool, do naked jumping jacks, play naked twister, make a human elephant, crawl between the legs of another naked pledge. The standard stuff that goes on when boys pledge a house.
The frat brothers are always there, laughing and enjoying the humiliation. Sometimes there's beer involved and sometimes the humiliation takes place during a house party and there's always one smaller frat boy bitch who, like most small athletic guys, tries to be the alpha male and does a lot of yelling and verbal degradation but, like most guys who are small, athletic and have tiny dicks, never gets naked or takes part in the actual fucking. And that always happens. One or more of the frat guys always whips out his dick, as you do during pledging and gets a blow job from the pledges. More often then not the scenes end with fucking: either the pledges fucking each other or the frat brothers fucking the pledges; as you do during hazing.

For me though, the ones that I find more enjoyable are the ones that have that more Dick Dorm feel; a bunch of frat brothers hanging out together, drinking, playing beer pong, playing truth or dare with some sorority girls and then it escalates to nudity, sucking and fucking.
All in all, Haze Him isn't a bad company. They know their market and their audience and they cater to them. While you don't find the same variety of guys that you might find with Dick Dorm or College Rules, the guys are all hot and it will satisfy those fetishes for jocks and/or twinks and it does fuel or fantasies or what we think frat living and pledging is like.

XOXO and if I ever get my college boys to film their hazing and pledge antics for the site I'll let you know. ;)