Sunday, March 1, 2015

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Hey fuckers :) And I say that with love.
So some interesting news. After announcing the pre-mature retirement of the blog and moving to Tumblr territory because of Google's ban of sexually explicit blogs, it looks like I may be safe as Google has reversed it's decision.
I'm thinking this blog may be safe as well since I'm not linking to any commercial porn sites and I'm not making any money from the blog. I'm using this as a platform to entertain and educate people about the industry.
I have created a Tumblr and I will be posting pics and other random goodies there but for the time being I will continue to blog. Sorry I was MIA, it was an incredibly busy week of auditions, a red carpet event and trying to get my next erotic novel done. I promise I will have some awesome posts on some exciting news and some spotlights on some hot performers soon. Hopefully within the next few hours.
For those of you who tumble, be sure to add me on that: There's nothing there now as I am still getting use to it, I'm stupid and not tech savvy what can I say, but I will be popping that cherry soon.
See you in a few hours my naughty niceties. Okay not one of my better alliterations but hey, I tried.


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