Thursday, August 6, 2015

Michael Hoffman's Sex Tape Has Leaked

Well this is a day I never thought would come.
A while back there was a gif that leaked of Michael Hoffman fucking a girl doggy style. People wondered if a sex tape would leak but nothing ever came of it.
Well now, Brent Everett has released the tape on his site for free, no membership required.
And I have to say, Michael's jerk off videos are hotter and at least in those we get to see him hard, get to see him cum and get to see him act like he's enjoying himself.
This isn't so much a sex tape as it is a tape of two people doing some oral, kissing, attempting to do sex and finishing off just talking.
The girl in the tape is hot but I feel sorry for her. It's obvious that she wanted to fuck but Michael-I don't know if this was his first time with a girl or if he was nervous or maybe he was trying to prove that he's straight and failed-can't stay hard. He starts off okay but as soon as it's time for penetration his dick deflates like a balloon and when he does get hard again, he's only able to do a few thrusts before he's soft again. When he is able to fuck it is hot to see the way his abs contract but honestly, he comes across as a really boring and lousy lay.
This is something that you only watch if you're tired of Hoffman's jerk off videos or want to see him try to have sex but otherwise you're not missing much and I can see why Everett is offering this one up for free.
Grade: F


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