Friday, August 21, 2015

Review Of Michael Hoffman's Threeway Sex Tape

I don't know why I expected the threeway sex tape to be better then the two way sex tape he released. I don't know why I tortured myself and lost about 20 minutes of my life I will never get back.  Maybe I thought in the time between the sex tape between him and the girl was released and this sex tape was released maybe Michael Hoffman learned how to fuck.  Nope.  I never thought I'd say this but some people just weren't born to fuck and he should stick to his jerk off and fingering videos. At least in those he stays hard.
I'm pissed because I really wanted to like these two sex tapes.  God knows we've been waiting years to see Hoffman in action.
So anyway the threeway.  Its nothing to write home about.  It's Michael Hoffman a girl and another guy.  I'm assuming their friends of his.  The other guy mostly does all the fucking while the girl sucks Michael off.  When Michael is finally up at bat he can't stay hard, like in the last one.
I actually feel sorry for the kid but I dont know maybe everyone is right and he is gay and is trying too hard to prove his straightness.  Whatever the case may be I think this is the biggest waste of a threeway ever.  There's no arousal, no passion and if you are watching this to masturbate to don't. You'll be just like Michael Hoffman flaccid the whole time.
All I know is if I had been a fan who paid for thos shit I'd be pissed and demand a refund. Michael not being mean but either stick to jerking off and fingering yourself or fuck people who make you hard.
Grade F-


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