Friday, August 7, 2015

Cosmo Details Sex Worker Who Shot Alleged Serial Killer

Wow, this is an incredible story and I applaud Cosmo for telling it. You can see the full article here: but to sum it up:
Last week a West Virginian sex worker named Heather was almost the victim of a brutal attack when a man named Neal Falls who she had met ad on Backpack showed up at her house, pointed a gun at her head and said "Live or die?"
Thinking fast, Heather grabbed a rake and when Falls dropped the gun she shot him, killing him. Falls is being investigated for the alleged murders of at least nine women in three states.
A Facebook page was started called Heather The Hero as well as a crowdfunding campaign but soon the person who started it became shaming Heather and fellow sex workers.
A real crowdfunding campaign has since been started which you can see here:
Amnesty International has also become involved drafting a bill that would decriminalize sex workers and victims of sex trafficking both adults and minors. Of course this has been met with criticism by some "feminists"-big surprise-including Gloria Steinam-again big surprise.
I have to applaud Heather for her quick thinking and bravery and offer my full support to her and please, to sex workers everywhere, be safe out there, boys and girls. Protect yourselves. Carry a gun, mace and/or a knife. And know how to defend yourselves and fight back.