Monday, August 10, 2015

Shine Louise Houston Talks To Cosmo

I love that Cosmo is becoming truly sex positive, as well as becoming porn positive, sex worker positive, women of color positive and queer positive! Great job Cosmo and I will proudly support you guys and I am so happy that they are talking to one of my favorite directors in the industry, Shine Louise Houston. I've talked about Shine numerous times on the blog and I am always happy to give her and her company press and promote the projects they are doing. Shine, as I said, is one of my favorite directors and someone I look up to and I would absolutely love to work with her one day. So Shine if you read this and ever need a little nerdy guy who's good with comedy and also, surprisingly, good with drama for a non-sex role hit me up.
Anyway back to the Cosmo piece....
This is part of their Sex Work column which documents a new woman in the sex worker field every week. In this column Shine talks about what led her to film, how she got her film degree, why she decided the industry needed a director like her and why she is crowdfunding her latest feature. It's a fascinating piece and you can read it here:
Congrats Shine!


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