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Exclusive Interview With Talent Agent Bella Roxxx!

Here is a big treat for you guys today and an interview I was really looking forward to.
Florida agent Bella Roxxx is joining us today to give a unique behind the scenes perspective on the industry from someone who has had a very long and extensive career in the industry both as an agent and a performer. Bella shares her thoughts on the new documentary Hot Girls Wanted and why she thinks Florida is actually a good place for girls to gain experience before making the move to LA and how the industry has changed since she started. 
So sit back and please welcome the amazing Miss Bella Roxxx!

JOE: First let me say, researching you, you have had an amazing career in an industry that is not known for longevity. So tell us, how did you get into the industry? I read on your agency site that you started as an exotic dancer. Was dancing something you always wanted to do? Was it easy to transition from dancing to modeling for men's magazines to eventually adult films? What are the top things you liked about each career? One you preferred doing over the other? Do you ever miss performing?

BELLA:  I broke into the industry when I was just a teenager.  My dad's girlfriend was dancing at the time and I had left home and was barely able to pay my bills, so I asked my dad to hook me up at the club and he reluctantly agreed.  I had always thought about being an exotic dancer since I was a little girl.  I was brought up in a very open family environment, where we were encouraged to be comfortable with our sexuality.  Yes, the transition was natural.  A photographer came in and saw me and my step sister doing a soft core lesbian show on stage and wanted to film it and submit us to various magazines.  I always dreamed about being in magazines so I was so excited!  It was definitely what we wanted to do because back then you could feature dance off one magazine credit.  We loved choreographing our shows, interacting with our fans, and getting to travel and see a lot.  Adult films I had been approached to do early in my career, but I wasn't ready to have full on sex with a guy on film.  I was having too much dancing, featuring, and doing photo shoots plus making more money than the porn stars were making back then.  When I saw MILF scenes were getting popular and I was a little too old to continue dancing, I found it to be a perfect fit and by that time I was ready.  I definitely loved feature dancing the most with magazines and adult film being a close second.  Once in awhile I miss performing, but I am so busy with my agency that I just wouldn't have the time to be prepared to film.  I also love being a mentor to my girls and running my own agency.

JOE: In your bio on your site you say that you didn't begin performing in adult films until 1998, what made you finally break into films? You worked for a lot of well respected companies in your career, did you have a favorite studio you worked for?  

BELLA:  Like I said, just made more money doing what I was doing.  I really enjoyed doing my shows with my step sister.  It was more of the age factor.  MILF was hot and I was a hot MILF. LOL  My favorite company by far has been working with Reality Kings!  Score was exciting too because they are a magazine, so it was fun to get two more magazine credits.

JOE:  What was filming your first scene like? Any pointers you can give for girls who are just beginning on how to make their first scene stand out or how to not let the nerves get the best of them? 

BELLA:  My first scene was with the Score Group with JMac as my male talent.  I was so incredibly nervous because it was new and I didn't know what to expect.  However, everyone was so kind and made me feel right at home.  My advice to girls is get more excited than nervous, watch a lot of porn so you know what you are going to be doing, and get plenty of sleep the night before!  I can't share all my secrets as that information is strictly for my models! So come join us at

JOE:  How has the industry changed since you were performing? What are your thoughts on how porn seems to be going more and more mainstream?

BELLA:   The whole adult industry has changed.  I started just giving table dances.  Nobody was allowed to touch us and no lap dancing or champagne rooms existed.  I opened the first lap dance club in NYC The Paradise Club in 1992, so many years after I began.  When the champagne rooms began, I wasn't dancing anymore.  I love that porn is being more and more accepted in society.  It's a job at the end of the day and our industry and all the people in it should be recognized for their work.  I've met some amazingly talented photographers, producers, and directors that are so great at what they do.  As for the girls, most of them have been through hard childhoods, so until you walk in our shoes, nobody has a right to judge.  These are some of the most beautiful people I have met in my life.

JOE: You retired in 2011 from performing after a long and successful career, what led you to the decision to retire? How does a performer know when it's time to retire from the industry? 

BELLA: I was very lucky and fortunate to be asked to be partners with a pretty big agency at the time, so that's when I got really busy and didn't have time to perform anymore.  I was ready to retire, it had been over 20+ years of performing so I was ready to get on the other side.  I can't speak for anybody else on when they feel the time to retire.   

JOE:  You now own a very successful agency is that something you always wanted to do? Tell us a little about your agency and what exactly a porn agent does. Can you give us an example of what a day in the life of a porn agent looks like?

BELLA: Thank you!  I never set out to be an agent, but I always wanted to manage other girls starting out.  So I guess it was fate!  What I love about my agency is that it is all female ran and that is the #1 reason the girls come to me.  Along with my being in the industry and having done everything they will do.  I love being a mentor and giving back.  A typical day for me begins at 6am.  The mornings consist of taking girls to shoots, picking girls up from airports, office work, orientation with new girls, setting up photo shoots to get nice pictures to submit to producers, taking new girls on go sees, picking up girls from shoots, scheduling shoots, and then when my day is over around 7pm I enjoy hanging out with my girls.

JOE:  Do you feel that having worked in the industry has helped you as an agent?

BELLA:  Absolutley!!!  I have so much information, experience, and advice to share with my girls.  I love it so much!

JOE:  What makes a good client? What is something you look for when you are deciding to take on a girl as a client? What are things the girls can do to make sure that they stay repped by you? And on the other side of that what makes a bad client and what turns you off to a potential client during meetings?

BELLA:  I love girls who take this job seriously and are open to learning.  What I look for are girls that are what the producers are looking for, so I have to follow the rules.  My girls must be between 18-25, minimal to no tattoos, height and weight proportionate, and very pretty.  My models can stay repped by me as long as they want.  I don't like girls who are on hard drugs, don't take the industry seriously, or are mean to other girls.  I hate drama most of all.

JOE:  Why did you choose to open your agency in Miami? Do you think you will ever branch out and open up offices in New York, Vegas or LA? Do you just rep girls in Miami or do you have clients all over?

BELLA: I live in South Florida and there is a lot of work here.  I have branched out to Vegas, Arizona, and LA already.  I'm not licensed in LA yet so I work with my partner Rylie and HussieModels.  I won't book anything in NY, because I don't book ultra rough or degrading scenes.

JOE: A documentary recently came out called Hot Girls Wanted which some people said was biased against the industry and was "porn shaming." Have you seen the documentary? If so what are your thoughts on it? 

BELLA: Yes, I have seen the documentary and I think it was a very poor representation of what the industry is like.  Again, this is my business partner Rylie who is in the film and he is one of the most decent people in the industry.   

JOE:  Going off that, recently released their own documentary Miami Porn: Sex Work In The Sunshine State and Xbiz has also started Xbiz Miami so is Miami the new happening place for porn and the place for up and comers to look into? 

BELLA: Absolutely!!! This is a great place to get your feet wet and learn what it's like to be on an adult film set.  It's much more slow paced here and gets the girls really prepared for LA.

JOE:  There has always been a stigma attached to porn that the girls are forced or tricked into doing it and the media and some radical "feminists" always seem to like to paint the picture of the sleazy porn director or agent and the casting couch, but from what I've seen the women involved in the industry are in it because they enjoy what they do and are comfortable and sexually liberated, so where do you think this stigma came from? In all your years working in the industry did you see women being forced, tricked, exploited and beaten like we have seen in some Hollywood films? Anything you would like to say to people who try to shame the porn industry?

BELLA:   Unfortunately I have seen agents force girls into doing "Auditions" which is never required.  However, it's a great way to be able to have sex with them.  I think this is why me being the only female agent in Florida is good, my girls feel really safe. 

JOE: Any advice for people who want to open up their own agency? What makes a good porn agent?

BELLA:  No comment. I'm not going to help what could be future competition! LOL

JOE:  Some women in the industry that I have interviewed say that men-both performers and men who watch porn-are the real ones who are being exploited in the industry, what are your thoughts on that?

BELLA:  I have no idea what these girls mean.

JOE: What advice do you have for girls in the industry to have a career that has lasted as long as yours has? 

BELLA: Be professional, be on time, be prepared i.e. model bag, treat every shoot the same whether it's $300 or $2000 shoot, don't get caught up in drama or gossip, most importantly always take this job seriously. 

JOE: As porn seems to be going more and more mainstream would you ever consider repping any mainstream models or performers? What about male performers? 

BELLA: No, I'm happy where I'm at right now.  Who knows what the future holds though. 

JOE: Where can potential clients or just fans in general keep in touch with you? Any exciting projects of your clients that you'd like to promote?  

BELLA: Just follow me on or keep checking out my website for special videos of the girls. You can also visit our YouTube web series at bellaroxxx1

I'd like to thank Bella for taking the time out of her busy schedule to give us such a great interview and an even greater insight into the industry. I certainly wish her, Adultstarmkrs and her girls all the best and can't wait to see how the industry in Miami continues to grow!



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