Monday, July 20, 2015

Adultery Website Ashley Madison Hacked By The Impact Team; 37 Million Users' Info Leaked

A cowardly hacker group calling itself The Impact Team has hacked famed adultery website, Ashley Madison, leaking the information of 37 million users. The site, whose infamous slogan is "life is short. Have an affair" wasn't the only site that was hacked. The hackers also stole the information of users of Cougar Life and Established Men. All three sites are owned by Avid Life Media.
The cowards of Impact Team have reportedly already released 40MB of data which includes ALM documents and credit card information. The group has threatened Avid Life Media by saying if Ashley Madison and Established Gentlemen are not taken offline permanently then they will release more information including user's profiles which document all of their sexual fantasies, their credit card information, real names, addresses, employee documents and emails.
Want to know why Impact Team hacked the site? Because, according to The Guardian, they are upset that Ashley Madison charges a fee for users to permanently delete their accounts. So what? You're trying to be The Edward Snowden of online hookup sites? Give me a fucking break.
ALM has stated that they believe they have identified the person responsible and that this was an inside job. I hope they post the fucker's info online including the asshole's credit card information, address and pictures.
Again, just like the Gawker thing, don't go and ruin lives no matter what your point is! You can get your point across by not destroying someone's entire reputation or life.
And to The Impact Team, be a man or a woman, grow some fucking balls and stop hiding behind a not so clever name. That's right, I'm calling the son of a bitch out. If you're so good and have nothing to hide why are you hiding?
Can you tell I'm royally pissed off about this?


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