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Exclusive Interview With Bray Love!

 What a treat! I love, no pun intended, Bray Love. I don't know what it is but I've always had a thing for alternadudes with piercings and lots of ink. In an industry filled with skinny blonde twinks and smooth muscled frat boys it's refreshing to see people like Bray and he didn't disappoint in this interview revealing what he does to prepare for scenes-it may surprise-how he first met The Gay Porn Mama, mr. Pam, his thoughts on Austin Keyes and even dating while being in the industry and if we will ever see an Eat, Bray Love, parody. ;)
So ladies and gentlemen let's just jump right in and meet Naked Sword exclusive the very sexy Mr. Bray Love!

JOE: Let's start with the question I always ask everyone, how did you get into the industry?

BRAY: Back in 2010 I was living and going to college in a small town called Yuba City, CA I had a friend who was in the industry at the time and brought the idea up to his director who asked him to recruit me. I took a few days to think about it and shortly after I was on my way to San Francisco to shoot my first porn.

JOE: In my writing I use several pen names so I'm always curious about where performer's names come from. How did you come up with yours? Any meaning behind it?

BRAY: Honestly, I have gone by Bray since middle school and still to this day even the people who I am really close to call me Bray. I suppose the "Love" got thrown in there because I have a huge heart.

JOE: You have several tattoos, do they have any special meaning?

BRAY:  All of my tattoos have some sort of meaning except the skull on my side which I plan on covering up. I have "Life Goes On" on my wrist which is a constant reminder to me that looking back and seeing how far I have come, it really does get better. The tattoo on my chest is one of my favorites. It says "Amar Sin Miedo" which in Spanish translates to "Love Without Fear".   

JOE:  Besides being an on camera performer you've also worked behind the scenes. What did you do behind the scenes? What are the similarities and differences between the two jobs? Do you have any preference? Is there one that you can see yourself or have a desire to make more of a permanent position? What are some things people would be surprised to learn goes on behind the scenes in a porn shoot?

BRAY: My experience behind the scenes consists of hair and make up, lighting, behind the scenes filming when mr. Pam needs it, The occasional fluffing *Laughs*, I have many skills that I can offer to the set. I would love to make behind the scenes and in front a full time position. I would love to start directing again. I am so inspired by all of the people I meet in the industry who keep creating this beautiful form of art.
One thing people don't always know is that one porn scene can take anywhere from 3-12 hours. It's definitely a job and everyone puts in a lot of hard work.

JOE:  You recently started escorting, what made you decide to do that? How have you been enjoying it so far? Will we see you nominated for any awards at this year's Hookie Awards? Is there anything about escorting that surprised you or that people who have never done it would be surprised to know?

BRAY: I like going on new ventures. That is probably what ultimately made me decide to escort. if it wouldn't have been for such supporting people in my life and also some great mentors I probably wouldn't have agreed so easily. So far all is good. As far as any nominations for any awards within the next year... We will just have to be patient and I will be busting my ass to be walking home with some but only time will tell.
I think people who have never escorted don't know is that you actually meet some genuine kindhearted people who just like you and want someone to bond with occasionally.

JOE:  Going off that, some porn performers also go-go dance, do you? If so tell us about that, where can people see you dance and how long have you done it?

BRAY: I have been dancing for 5 years now. I have danced all over the West Coast, Tijuana, Chicago, and Georgia. Don't worry East Coast I see you and I'm hoping to make my rounds over there soon!
If you are looking for my current booking schedule or to book me you can check it out on

JOE:  You were at this year's Grabby Awards, how was that? Was this your first time at The Grabbys? What surprised you the most about the porn awards?

BRAY: All I can say is... WOW!!! Fucking crazy. I got to be the trophy boy at the award show with Hugh Hunter and Kyle Kash. Got to hand trophies to people I have been inspired by and adored for a long time: Jake Jaxon, Ryan Rose, Rocco Steele, QueerMeNow, and more! I walked the red carpet with mr. Pam who was wearing the craziest sexiest outfit. What surprised me the most was how nice everyone was. I can't even count how many people approach me to congratulate me on my exclusive contract with everyone told me it was about time someone saw how hard working I have been for the last 5 years. It made me so happy and it was nice to see how many people believe in me.

JOE: Recently on a Naked Sword shoot mr. Pam dealt with a homophobic owner, what was that like? Have you ever experienced anything like that before?

BRAY:  It was so ridiculous. We had every right to be there filming porn with a signed contract. My first reaction when someone is being crazy is to pull out my phone, especially since things could have gone so much worse. I knew I had to have some sort of evidence if he had decided to tamper with equipment or even worse have an altercation with one of our models. I had to tell him to stop talking to our models and he wouldn't. Dante's Table is now closed due to poor business decisions that had nothing to do with this incident despite the Bay Area Reporter claiming that they would remain open. I have never experienced this before nor do I ever want to experience it again. 

JOE:  Speaking of Naked Sword, you recently became an exclusive model with them. Congratulations. How did that come about and what is it like shooting for them? You recently had a scene come out with Austin Keyes and it is hot. Tell us a little about working with Austin and shooting the scene. The chemistry between you two is amazing, did you guys know each other before the shoot? If not how did you get that chemistry between you two?

BRAY:  Yes! It was so unexpected and I feel so blessed. Everyone at NakedSword is so amazing! I feel like family every time I go into the office. I want to thank everyone there for giving me this opportunity. I LOVE MY NAKEDSWORD!!! YA!
So my scene with Austin Keyes premiered on on 05.20.2015 its HOTTTT! My first reaction when Austin walked in the room was a little intimated because he makes me look so tiny but he's HOT! We honestly had never met until about 30 minutes before our shoot. Even though it was one of his first scenes he was very professional but also knew how to have a good time, it makes it so much easier when you walk into a shoot with a positive attitude and not like a douche bag... It makes things flow better! Thank you Austin for making this scene flow so well.

JOE: Going off that, what do you do to prep for a scene? Have you ever had to work with a scene partner where there was no chemistry or that you didn't like? How do you handle that? Do you get to pick who you work with and what role you do in the scene, top, bottom or vers, or is all of that decided by the studio?

BRAY:  First and foremost I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS cut my fingernails and toenails. Trim and shave to my liking or the studio's if they have a preference. If I bottom I douche... A lot of times in the morning and then right before getting fucked. Caffeine is a must.

JOE:  Where do you see yourself going in the industry? Do you just want to focus on on camera performing or will we eventually see "directed by Bray Love" in the credits?

BRAY: I see myself working in front and behind the camera for a while to come until I eventually just move to working behind the scenes. I may take a break here and there just to work on me and my personal life without distraction but I am totally happy with what I am doing.

 JOE: How has the industry changed since you started? Has it changed for the good or bad? What are your thoughts on any changes you've seen and where do you think the gay porn industry is headed in the coming years?

BRAY: The industry has changed quite a bit since I started. Social media exploded and took over so it is easier for fans to be involved in their favorite performers lives whenever we feel like clicking the post button. Social media has its pros and cons especially in this industry but I feel like it has definitely made it more personable and people can actually have the opportunity to relate to us performers.

JOE:  With social media and stuff like Porn Wikileaks is it harder for porn stars to keep their anonymity and their porn life separate from their "real" life? If so do you think this is a good or bad thing? Do you think where we will get to a place with the adult industry where people will no longer have to use stage names out of fear of being exposed to friends and family but rather use stage names because they want to? Do you see porn going more mainstream and becoming less taboo?

BRAY:  I personally use my stage name 24/7 except to very close friends and some family. I have went by Bray since middle school. The only time people call me by my biological name is usually when I am in trouble *Laughs*

JOE:  A lot of people in the industry once worked in mainstream acting or have mainstream goals, do you have any?

BRAY:  The closest I have been to acting outside of adult entertainment is some high school drama classes. I am in the process of helping out with some documentaries and hoping to be working on more of an independent film. Fingers are crossed because I would love everyone to see a whole new side of me.

JOE:  How did you tell your friends and family that you were in porn? What were their reactions?

BRAY: I am very open in my personal life. Usually by now everyone just knows. If it'd be word of mouth or I tell them. My grandma actually found out VIA Facebook. She was actually way more understanding then I would have ever imagined. She was more curious about how things worked.

JOE:  Is it hard to have a relationship and be in the industry?

BRAY: This is always a hard question for me to answer. Maintaining a relationship has been very hard for me. I have had instances where they think it is the coolest thing ever and a month or two in they get extremely jealous and can't handle it to instances where they don't want me to do porn OR dance at all and then we break up and they start dancing or get into porn. LOL. It's my biggest issue with possible romantic candidates ... I am straight up honest with you from the gate. If you cannot handle it then please move aside and don't waste time in pursuing something with me. Especially if you know it's not okay with you.

JOE:  Do you have a favorite performer that you've worked with or a performer or director you'd like to work with?

BRAY:  So far I have already worked with some pretty awesome people. I would still love to work with my dream scene partners Pierre Fitch and Topher DiMaggio. So far I have already been lucky and worked with some of my other porn crushes Mickey Taylor AND Sebastian Kross.

JOE: Is there a least favorite performer or studio you've worked with?

BRAY: I feel like it would be unfair of me to put anyone out like that. We sometimes work with people we aren't necessarily all about just like in a 9-5 job. It's part of the territory. I am sure not all of my scene partners thought I was God's gift to Earth either, and that's okay! 

JOE:  There is a preconceived notion from some people that performers in gay porn, and young performers in gay porn, are in the industry because they are either messed up emotionally or mentally or are being forced to do it or are in it because they have delusions of grandeur and stardom what are your thoughts on this and have you run into any people that hold these wrong prejudices?

BRAY: Nobody is perfect. Everyone can be insecure at times and have times of crazy emotions (or whatever.) I sure as hell do. The best thing to do is support the people who are going through a rough patch and not just tear them down. As far as someone being forced to do it? I have never encountered that and I am pretty sure there are some pretty hefty laws that make sure of that.

JOE: What do you do in your free time?

BRAY: I spend a lot of time with friends. Depending on the weather to be outside a much as possible, but San Francisco's weather is kinda cold most of the year. I also have some side hobbies like minor web design and photography.  

JOE:  Any advice for people looking to get into the industry?

BRAY:  My advice to anyone looking to get into the industry is to realize that this is a job and just like any other there is work involved. Don't be flakey!

JOE:  You seem to do a lot of work with mr. Pam, how did you two first meet and what are your thoughts on The Gay Porn Mama?

BRAY: I use to run into her all over the city. I am pretty sure the first time we actually had a conversation was a few years ago during San Francisco Pride. We were in the same contingent of the parade with Sister Roma, she told me I was super cute and complimented my eyes. She had a camera in her hand and I am pretty sure she filmed me saying "happy pride" (Or something) I loved her energy and still to this day she lifts me up and inspires me to do so much. She is probably one of the most incredible people I have met. As well as the rest of my NakedSword family. They are all so great and they definitely inspire me to be the best I can be on and off set.

JOE:  I believe I either Tweeted or Facebooked a joke to you a while back about doing a parody of Eat, Pray, Love but have it be a food porn parody called Eat, Bray Love. Would you do it and do you think mr. Pam would direct? (Sorry, couldn't resist, this is what happens when you get interviewed by a stand up comic) :)

BRAY:  I would love to do an "Eat,Bray,Love" movie or even a book with hot photos or something. I cannot tell you how many people keep saying to do it!

JOE: Do you have any upcoming scenes that you can tell us about?

BRAY:  There's actually a few upcoming scenes I am really excited about!!! My Duo scene with Mickey Taylor, the threesome scene with Mickey and Sebastian Kross (my first ever DP scene), I have a scene with Leo Sweetwood and the sexy Lucas Knight as well. They are all SO HOT!!!!

JOE:  Finally where can fans keep in touch with you?

BRAY: The easiest way to keep up with me is you can see past & upcoming films, photos, and all of the links to my social media!

Wow! What a great interview! I'd like to thank Bray for taking the time to give me such wonderfully detailed answers and letting all of us know him a little better. Can't wait to see his scenes with Mickey, especially the DP scene and I wish him all the best with the documentaries and indie film. If you need crew members or an actor Bray give me a call. ;)


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