Friday, July 24, 2015

Please Help Chi Chi LaRue Pay For Rehab Treatment

So about a month or so ago Chi Chi LaRue announced that she was entering rehab.
She has been there about a month and has reportedly been making great progress but now needs our help to maintain that progress. Chi Chi's insurance will only cover the first month and a GoFundMe has been started to help cover the remaining $40,000 she needs to continue getting treatment.
You can see the campaign here: please share and donate what you can.
Surprisingly, this has angered some fans and other industry professionals who are saying that LaRue, who has her own studio Channel 1 Releasing and store should be able to pay for her own rehab.
 However, we don't know Chi Chi's financial state, she could be living check to check, she may not even own her studio or store anymore so I would ask people to please not judge her for reaching out for help. I also think it's funny that this level of outrage hasn't been as prevalent/present when other people in the industry have used these campaigns to fund trips, buy clothes, cars, houses etc. As someone who has had to reach out to GoFundMe twice-once to buy a new laptop when a "friend" stole my old one, and once to get some help paying my water bill when I went through a very tight month-I will not judge but instead do what I can to help someone fight their demons and get better.
Chi Chi, you have my support.


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