Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Exclusive Interview With Alison Rey!

I first met Alison a couple weeks ago at the audition for Safe Landings and, if any of you saw my post yesterday introducing the cast, you will know that Alison has also gotten a part in the film and while we don't have any scenes together I'm still very happy to be in a film with her and I'm even happier that she agreed to do this interview and share her thoughts on the industry, her favorite and least favorite things so far-may surprise you-what she won't do in porn and even competing in dance.
So ladies and gentlemen please welcome the lovely Alison Rey!
JOE: How did you get into the industry? Was porn something you always wanted to do?
ALISON : Not at all, it was about the farthest thing from my mind when I actually got into the industry. My boyfriend at the time and I were swingers, and we met another young swinging couple in our area. As we got to know them, it came out that the girlfriend did porn. I was curious so I asked her a lot of questions. As she told me more about it, I became even more interested and decided I would give it a shot. She showed my picture to a director and he had his personal assistant send my photos to a few different agencies. Motley Models was the first to scoop me up, so I signed a contract with them, and the rest is history.
JOE: You're fairly new to porn, anything about the industry that has surprised you so far?
ALISON: I have been awed at the reality of porn as compared to stereotypical images of porn in the mainstream world. When I got into it, I thought I would try it once just to say I did it and would get out because of creepy directors, sleazy agents, bad treatment, what have you, but that has been far from my experience in porn. While you get a few bad apples in the basket, everyone in porn is incredibly nice and professional, and this goes doubly for the people behind the cameras. I’m surprised my experience has been as positive as it has, but I am so grateful it has been nothing like I was initially expecting.
JOE: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about the industry so far?
ALISON: My favorite thing about the industry so far has been the good it has done for me. I’ve never loved myself more, felt more confident, been closer to friends and family, nor had such thick skin. I used to crumble at the smallest insult, but now I can laugh at whatever a hater throws my way, and that’s something I’m really proud of myself that I’m able to do. It shows me how much I’ve grown as a result of being in this industry, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
 My least favorite part of being in porn is the dick pics. There is nothing I hate more than receiving unsolicited pictures of strangers’ penises. Dudes think that just because I have a sexual job, that I want to see their dicks. I really, really hate it when they justify sending it because I was “asking for it” because I post nudes on my SnapChat story for my fans to enjoy. These are the same dudes that will say a girl was asking to get raped because she was wearing a short skirt. This is probably true for like.. 0% of porn girls. We really don’t want to see them, so please, for the love of God, keep them to yourselves.
JOE: Do you have a favorite scene partner you've worked with? Anyone you would like to work with that you haven't?
ALISON: My favorite person to work with so far was probably Alec Knight. He is a really nice guy and crazy attractive for being old enough to play a father figure. He and I also had a good connection on camera, which always helps me produce a good scene. I have not yet worked with Ryan Driller or Logan Pierce, but I pray for the day I get the opportunity because both of those men are insanely hot.
JOE:   Is there anything you won't do in porn? Why?
ALISON: I will never do ass to mouth. It completely grosses me out. As far as anal goes, I don’t do it right now, but I haven’t ruled it out in the future. It’s really just a matter of whether I will ever be able to handle porn dick in my ass. I also won’t do interracial. It’s hard enough for me to handle some of these white guys’ dicks, I can’t imagine what a BBC would do to me. I also will never do creampies, with one exception. The only person I will allow to creampie me is my boyfriend, Codey Steele. I decided to take creampies off the table because they’re pretty special to me. I have never let anyone aside from a serious boyfriend do it to me, so I sure as hell wasn’t going to let any strangers do it on camera.
JOE:    Are you repped? Alot of performers have agents and even publicists. Do you feel that being repped is important? What about having a strong social media presence?
ALISON: I am represented by ATMLA. I think having representation is important if you want to work as much as you can while you’re in the industry. Having someone mediate and negotiate rates for you makes it easy to continue in the industry and find jobs. A lot of companies go on agents’ websites and look at their girls to cast. Sometimes independent girls get forgotten because they’re not on anyone’s site, so I think having an agent is essential if you want to get the most work possible. If I were planning to make porn a lifelong career, I would probably get a publicist, but because I’m here for fun, I think Twitter will suffice. I love being able to connect with fans and other industry people, and Twitter can be a great tool to get your name out there and potentially find more work.
JOE:     Do your family and friends know what you do? If so was it hard to tell them? If not is it hard to keep it a secret?
ALISON: Most of my friends know I do porn, and it was pretty easy to tell them. Not one person was judgmental or expressed any opposition to my choice; it’s cool to have such amazing friends.
Telling my parents, however, was really hard. I had to bring note cards with me when I sat them down to talk because I didn’t want to forget everything I had to say. I was expecting to get disowned, so telling them was the most terrifying thing I’d done in my entire life, but to my surprise, they accepted me completely and have been supportive of my job ever since.

JOE:   Going off that, is it hard to date or have a relationship while working in the industry?
ALISON: When I first got into porn, I had been dating my civilian ex for 10 months, and we had made a mutual decision to open our relationship up as it pertained to work. That boyfriend and I separated after being together for 14 months. I think porn was slightly to blame. His reasoning was that he didn’t get jealous anymore and he felt like he should. He didn’t care that I was fucking other people, and I think ultimately, that was what led to our breakup. Now, I am dating an in-industry guy, Codey Steele, and it has been the easiest thing I’ve ever done. We are not jealous, we are not competitive, we do what we can to support each other, and so far, it’s been going very well. I think it’s much easier to date a guy who understands what happens on set than one who does not.
JOE:  There's always been this stigma that is spread by "Feminists" to talk about how "evil" porn is and that is that the women, especially young girls like you, are either tricked or forced into doing porn and then are abused and exploited, what are your thoughts on this? The women I know who do it are actually feminists and very empowered and liberated and enjoy what they do.
ALISON: I am also one of those feminists who feel empowered by what I do! As I mentioned before, porn has done more good for me than I ever imagined it could. No one forced me into porn or tricked me at all. A friend was doing it, I was curious, and so I wanted to try it for myself. There was no agent or director who coerced me into this industry. I came in of my own free will (as most of us do), and I am so happy to be here every single day.
JOE: You told me that you are a psychology major, has that helped you in any way in your porn career? Is psychology ultimately what you want to do?
ALISON: I don’t think my schooling has had any bearing on my porn career. You don’t need a degree to do porn, and contrary to popular belief, psychology majors are not psychoanalyzing everything all the time. I’m still working on my undergrad, and yes, because psychology is something I would eventually like to pursue, I plan on getting my Master’s in psychology, although I have not yet decided in what field.
JOE: A lot of people in the industry have mainstream aspirations, do you have any mainstream acting or modeling goals?
ALISON: Not in particular. I have always wanted to be a mainstream actress, probably since I was eight years old, but I never got my big break as a child star, so it hasn’t been a goal of mine for a long time. Sure, I’d love to spend my life acting, but it isn’t a huge aspiration of mine.
JOE:    Will we be seeing you at any of the awards shows this year? Some of the new girls try to become Heart-On Girls at The XRCO Awards to get attention and further their careers, is that something you'd be interested in doing?
ALISON: I feel bad that I have no idea what a Heart-On Girl is! Since I’m so new (I don’t even have 30 scenes yet), I probably won’t be attending any shows. School takes precedence over everything porn, and that has been the reason I haven’t yet attended any of the awards shows, as they usually conflict with my schedule.
JOE: Are there any women in the industry, current performers or past performers, that you look up to?
ALISON: I look up to Aaliyah Love a lot. She has always set a good example on her Twitter page, and I’ve taken small words of wisdom from her that have definitely made me a better model. Seasoned performers have so much to teach new girls like me, it’s just up to the newbies to listen carefully.
JOE:   We met at the audition for Kay Brandt's new film Safe Landings, how did you find out about that? Describe what your audition process was like.
ALISON: My agent told me he had an audition for me to attend. They emailed me the sides and I spent the next few days reading them over, memorizing them, and practicing my delivery. When I got to the audition, it was a pretty quick turn around. Kay had me read with Brenda James, first sitting down, and then a second time, standing up to feel our energy and connection. Meeting Kay was awesome and her encouragement was so appreciated and gave me the confidence I don’t normally have at auditions. Normally, my hands shake, which make it hard to read sides, but this time was different. Kay and Brenda had me totally at ease and made the audition very enjoyable for me.
JOE: Some girls transition into doing softcore series and films on Cinemax is this something that interests you?
ALISON: I’ve done a few scenes where hardcore and softcore were filmed simultaneously. They were just as fun as the hardcore scenes I’ve done, so I would definitely do some strictly softcore or Cinemax scenes in the future, but I don’t think I would stop doing hardcore porn altogether until I’ve retired completely.
JOE: What do you like to do in your free time?
ALISON: I really love going dancing. I compete in Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dancing, but I also enjoy going Line dancing and Two-Stepping. I’d take a night out dancing over partying any day of the week.
JOE: How do you prepare for a scene? Ever worked with someone you didn't like or weren't attracted to or had no chemistry with? If so how do you handle that?
ALISON: I always look up the talent I’m working with just so I can mentally prepare to meet and fuck them. If I’m not familiar with the company, I also check out their work to make sure it’s a company I’ll be comfortable shooting for. I have worked with two people that I wasn’t attracted to, and it’s honestly very hard for me to do. I got into porn because I love sex and I wanted a safe outlet to explore my sexuality where I wouldn’t have to be afraid about the STDs I might be exposing myself to. So to have sex with someone I didn’t have chemistry with was pretty terrible. I usually won’t accept scenes with people I’m not attracted to, but when it does happen, I just imagine the talent is someone I like, and I get through the scene.
JOE:   What was it like filming your first sex scene?
ALISON: It was incredibly scary. It’s horrifying to know that once the camera stops rolling and a company has their content, that your life will never be the same again. At the same time, however, it was exciting. It was my first experience with an older woman (Cherie DeVille) and also the first time I had ever had sex while being watched by other people. Cherie was nice and helped me get through the scene and manage to enjoy it, despite feeling like I was about to puke. Overall, it was a good experience, and even if I had quit porn after that first scene, I would have been happy I tried it at least once.
JOE: Any advice for people, especially young girls, looking to break into the industry?
ALISON: First, think about your decision for more than a few days when you consider getting into porn because it will impact your life. After you’ve weighed the consequences against the benefits, do some more research. Find out what other girls’ experiences have been just to make sure you still want to move forward. Once you’ve reached a decision, seek out an agent. You’ll get the most work by having someone represent you. You can get their contact information on their websites and go from there. I suggest sticking with well-known, reputable agencies.
JOE:    Where can fans keep in contact with you? Any upcoming scenes or anything else you'd like to promote?
ALISON: Well, earlier you asked about the audition for Adam and Eve that you and I had met at. I actually landed a role in Safe Landings, which is set to film later this month. I also have some Team Skeet scenes coming out soon, as well as for New Sensations and Filly Films.
I’ll also just plug my Twitter and some other stuff while I’m here. Fans can interact with me on Twitter: @alisonreyxxx
I just opened a new ManyVids store where fans can purchase my content: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/280145/Alison-Rey/
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What a great interview! And I think that's a smart way to promote your Amazon wishlists, if fans are going to buy you stuff give them something in return as a way to  say thank you.
Well I'd like to thank Alison for taking the time to answer my questions so thoroughly and give us a great perspective and insight on the industry from a relative newcomer. I certainly am excited to see how her career grows and progresses.


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