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Exclusive Interview With Award Winning Trans Escort Viktor Belmont!

You guys have no idea how excited I am for this interview! Those of you who know me know that I love trans boys. I don't know what it is but I think they are the hottest men on the planet and that totally holds true for Viktor Belmont; I also have a huge weakness for alternadudes and boys with ink so I was in 7th Heaven when I discovered him! And imagine my utmost joy when Viktor agreed to be interviewed on the blog.
On a more serious note, I am hoping that this interview will help take away some of the stigma of escorting, because personally I see nothing wrong with it and I've even thought about doing it, but also I hope that this will help give the spotlight to male trans performers in the sex industry and open the door for more of them because honestly, how many male trans performers can you name without Googling them?
Anyway, off the soap box. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the amazing award winning Viktor Belmont!

JOE: When did you realize you were trans? Can you share your story? Coming out, etc? How did your friends and family react?

VIKTOR: I didn't have a kind intense, light bulb moment. I came into my gender over time. I would say the biggest influence in my life of figuring out my gender was meeting an incredible friend online when I was a youth who disclosed her trans status to me. Her warm heart and open mind helped me better understand my own identity. After that, I strongly identified with the characters in comic books I read, especially a lot of manga. I then realized I not only adored the pretty boy princes in my comics, but I identified that way as well.   

JOE: On your Rentboy page you identify as bisexual, it seems that bisexuals and transgender people are two of the most misunderstood and also the brunt of a lot of phobia in the LGBT community and society as a whole, is it hard being both trans and bisexual?

VIKTOR: I would say that my sexual orientation is pretty fluid. My orientation on Rentboy is to let folks know also that I see a spectrum of genders as clients and adore working with men, women, and those who don't ID within that binary model as well.  
I'm very much so attracted to men, but I tend to be more attracted to someone's heart then what's in between their legs. If you can make me laugh, love to have adventures, and can have a pillow fight with me at any given hour, I'll probably have a serious crush on you. 
I think the labels themselves, the self selecting nature of it can be limiting. But we all are valid in our existence and attraction. I think having an open heart and open mind is a great approach to it.  
JOE: In the adult industry it seems that tran swomen get a lot of the attention with very few trans men being performers, Rentboys or even appearing in films, why do you think this is? What can the industry do to showcase how beautiful trans men are and give them more attention? 
VIKTOR:  I couldn't give you an exact reason of why there aren't as many transmen in porn as transwomen, but I do appreciate the amazing performers in this industry as a whole to represent transfolks, it can be a really healing experience to see someone who has a body similar to yours having a positive sexual experience. 
I think its important to not just praise transbodies as cisgender passing as well. 
With the current media climate having a piqued interest in transfolks it can be easy to fall into thinking transgender just looks like cisgender counterparts after surgeries and hormones. But I think having an open space for all humans to be praised is important, not just select body types. 
I think moving forward and having a world where we can truly be ourselves is so important. To praise folks for following their hearts, that is key. 
As for a platform to do it? Cast trans people in film, book transfolks for photo shoots, invest your capital in media, goods and content created by trans individuals.  
JOE: You've already gotten a Hookie under your belt, are you going for a second one? What about a TEA Award? Would you ever host The Hookies or TEAs?
VIKTOR:  I might! I'm going to put my best effort in and try and grab another one this year, alongside some other incredible escorts. I would love to hustle for a TEA award! Rentboy has also been so sweet to me, I would gladly help with any campaigns that they have. I would be overjoyed to host Hookies or TEAs!  
JOE:  How were you chosen to do Rentboy's campaign ad? What's it feel like to be the first trans man to be featured in the campaign and to also be a Hookie Award winner?
VIKTOR: They approached me about it and I was overjoyed! The whole team over at Rentboy is incredible. Sean Van Sant and Tyler the Bad Wolf have been my closest point of contact and I couldn't thank them enough. 
It feels pretty incredible. I had folks come up to me at transmarch here in SF and tell me that they saw my articles that were published. I've had performers that I look up to give me shout outs and support. I feel like Rentboy is my industry family and I'm so glad I could support them and they could support me!  

 JOE: I have to ask about your name, are you a Castlevania fan or is that just a coincidence?
VIKTOR: Haha, I'm a hugeeee Castlevania fan! You caught me! :)  
JOE:  It seems with The Hookies and more performers escorting that being a Rentboy is becoming less taboo and more mainstream. Do you think that people still need to hide that they do this or feel the "shame" there once was to escorting for a living?
VIKTOR:  Well, the funny thing is, escorting is one of the oldest professions. There have always been Rentboys. The thing about being in this industry is the "shame" is projected onto you by folks who don't understand or approve of your work. 
You don't go into a bakery and tell the baker what they do is terrible because you don't like how they make their croissants, right? 
Work is work. Its a pretty simple business model and you're the owner. It's a consented agreement between consumer and provider. It's the type of content, the product you're selling, that some people seem to have issues with. 
I think folks should do what feels right in their heart. I love my job and encourage people to do what they love as well.  
JOE: What do you like to do in your free time? 
VIKTOR: So much! Haha, I'm one of those people who loves to be busy!
I have a comic that I'm working on that I'm finally starting to finishing inking, I love to take pictures, make short films, go to the gym, explore my city, hike all around the bay, ride my motorcycle... 
And I'm involved in a quite few creative projects this year with a collective here in the bay called yvngblvvd. I'm doing a magazine with them and I'm super excited for it to drop. 
I'm also filming my full porn feature called MSTRVKTR. I'm hoping to have it out by this winter!   
JOE: You seem very comfortable with yourself, any advice for anyone who may be unhappy because they are different or don't fit the mold?
VIKTOR: I am comfortable with myself most of the time, but I definitely have moments where I have doubts. Understanding that you're being the best you, even just in this moment, is important. Sometimes we have bad days but that doesn't make you any less wonderful! 
Don't measure your own success with someone else's ruler. 
Every life is valid, every existence is beautiful, and the world is a beautiful place. Its our uniqueness and diversity that makes us such wonderful beings.   
JOE: Any possibility of you doing any advocacy work for trans right? Or do you already? If so tell us about it. 
VIKTOR: I would love to get to a point where I can focus all my energy and capital on creating a space for homeless LGBTQ youth here in the bay area. 
My be all end all goal in life is to make everyone know that they belong and that they're loved. 
There are so many resources that people don't have access to, especially as a transperson. There is still a lot of discrimination around housing and jobs, even coming out to your parents can mean that you're living on the street. 
I want to provide a space that gives resources to people who are in need, whether it be job training, housing, pursing higher education, and healthcare, without bias. I want to make a space where someone knows they can get a meal and a place to stay for a while without being judged, and to be treated as an equal. Its a basic need that so many folks don't have and I want to change that. 
I set my heart on fire in hopes to warm the world. 
Marsha P. Johnson and Silvia Rivera were at the front of the LGBTQ rights movement and their courage helped shape the world we live in. I want to follow in their footsteps. I want to create a future where people don't have to live in fear of who they are.   
JOE:  Where can fans keep in touch with you?
VIKTOR:  You can always follow me on Tumblr:
Tweet with me:
Follow me on Instagram:
And holler at me on my email:
I'd like to thank Viktor for taking the time to chat with me here on the blog and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I can not wait for his full length movie and will totally be reviewing it and dude, next time I'm in The Bay Area or you're down in L.A. hit me up. We can ride around on your bike and then have a pillow fight. ;)

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