Thursday, July 2, 2015

Exclusive Interview With Rizzo Ford!

I am super excited about this interview guys as Rizzo Ford is the first female performer that has been interviewed on the blog and I love everything about her and she stands for everything I believe in! I have always had a huge admiration for alternative performers in the industry, especially women who are secure enough to be themselves and say fuck you to anyone who who is intimidated by their non-conformity.
I first became aware and a fan of Ford in The Strokemon parody where she gave an awesome performance as Dikachu, I mean come on you guys, how can you not be a fan of any woman who will do a threeway in yellow body paint, tail and latex head? That's pretty cool!
So ladies and gentlemen without further ado, please help me welcome Miss Rizzo Ford!

JOE: How did you get into the industry?

RIZZO: I started off doing nude modeling when I was 22, was with Suicide Girls for a few years, and then through a series of events decided that I wanted to do hardcore. I applied to Burning Angel and the rest is history! 

JOE:  You have a pretty cool stage name, how did you come up with it? Are you a Grease or Muppets fan?

RIZZO:  I am a fan of both! Actually, I had friends in high school who called me Riz or Rizzo so that's where that came from. I added on Ford because in my home state there used to be a car dealership called Rizzo Ford and while stuck in traffic one day behind a Ford Explorer I decided that if I ever needed a pseudonym that would be what I would use.

JOE: You have a lot of of cool tats, when did you get your first ink? Which is your favorite one? Do they have stories behind them? You also have sported some cool hair styles and dye jobs, what dictates what color or style you do with your hair?

RIZZO:  I gave myself my first tattoo one day after school when I was 16 because I was bored. I have since covered it up and will give $20 to anyone who can spot it. I don't necessarily have a favorite tattoo but I'm currently obsessed with the ones on my head.

JOE:  You are Jewish, is it hard to be Jewish and be in the industry? Do you practice the faith?

RIZZO: I'm more culturally Jewish at this point in my life. 

JOE:  Do your friends and family know? If so was it hard to tell them if not is it hard to keep it a secret?

RIZZO:  Some know, some don't. Some family I have told personally, some found out on their own accord. I would say that the majority of my friends know. I don't hide it but I also don't go around telling every person I interact with.

JOE:  Going off that, is it hard to have a relationship or date while being in the industry?

RIZZO: I met my current partner shortly after I started doing porn and we've been together for almost four years, sooooo I guess not?  

JOE: A lot of performers are repped, are you? Do you think it's important for performers to be with an agency or publicist? What about having a strong social media presence?   

RIZZO: I do not have an agent. I don't do porn full time so there's really no point. If a director wants to hire me they can contact me directly. I do believe that it's good to have a strong social media presence. People won't know who you are if you don't put yourself out there.  

JOE: I became aware of you, and a fan, from The Strokemon parody. How did you get involved with Strokemon? Were you a fan of Pokemon? If so do you have a favorite? Will we see more Strokemon episodes?  

RIZZO:  I became involved with Strokemon basically by bugging Lee Roy Meyers until he cast me for any parody. I love the ridiculous stuff he makes and wanted to be a part of it. When he pitched a Pokemon parody to me I couldn't say no! I think my favorite Pokemon would have to be Squirtle followed by Psyduck and Snorlax.

JOE:  You had a pretty heavy makeup job for that parody, how long did it take you to get into the Dikachu body paint? Was it difficult to do the sex scene in the costume and body paint? 

RIZZO:  Oh Christ, I have no idea how long it took. Two or three hours maybe? The special effects artist and I were chatting the whole time he was working on me so that helped the time pass. There were definitely some difficulties to performing a three-way while wearing body paint, a latex headpiece, and a tail, but I think we powered through it alright.

JOE:  You and your two co-stars Kassondra Raine and Tyler Nixon had some really great chemistry, both with the sex scene and with the acting portions of the film, did you three know each other before filming or was the chemistry natural?

RIZZO:  I hadn't met either of them beforehand. I guess both of them are just really into yellow people!

JOE:  What was it like working with Lee Roy Myers? How is he as a director? He has done some really fun parodies so I would imagine his sets are fun to be on. 

RIZZO: Lee Roy is an awesome dude to work for on so many levels. I would work for him a thousand more times if his budget allowed for it. 

JOE: Tell us the differences between filming a porn parody vs doing just straight sex scenes. Do you guys rehearse the dialogue scenes? Do you watch the films or series your parodying to imitate the characters? Do you have a preference on which type of porn you perform?  

RIZZO:  Filming a parody, or any feature really, takes a lot more time than just any gonzo scene. Obviously because of the dialogue but the time spent on set is also longer. I feel like directors put a lot of time and focus into making a parody look good and not just like some crappy cosplay. 

JOE:  Do you have any advice for girls that are interested in entering the industry, especially girls that are more indie or alternative like you and don't fit into that stereotypical porn star mold? How do you stay true to yourself and who you are while having a successful career in the industry?

RIZZO: Don't be surprised if people don't like your look. Don't be surprised if you get an agent and they tell you that you have to stop getting tattooed or have natural colored hair. Only change because you want to and not because someone told you that you have to.  

JOE: Where can fans keep in touch with you?

RIZZO: Twitter: @rizzoford 
             Instagram: @rizzoford

 I'd like to thank Rizzo for taking the time out of her schedule to chat with me and hope you guys enjoyed it!


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