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Exclusive Interview With Kassondra Raine!

Well I'm pretty much making it through The Strokemon cast with interviews. Let's see if I can get all of them and the director to agree to make an appearance on this humble blog. HAHA.
Like her co-star, Rizzo Ford, Strokemon was what introduced me to the strikingly beautiful Kassondra Raine. Not only is she beautiful but she's one of those porn stars who can actually act and deliver a believable line, something I love especially when watching a parody or feature. I've also always had a fascination for people with interesting or unusual spellings to their names so that was another thing that drew me towards her.
Kassondra didn't disappoint with this interview giving some very amazing and insightful answers to the industry.
So ladies and gentlemen please give a big welcome to Miss Kassondra Raine!

JOE: How did you get into the industry? Were you a fan of porn before you got into the business?

KASSONDRA: Well I guess you could say that I have had a porn-style sex life. I started doing threeways and group sex as early as 17 years old. I have always liked watching porn. It always seemed to give me new ideas to try out in my personal life. In June of 2012 I started doing webcam. I did that until October of 2014. I used Twitter to help market my webcam and was contacted there by an adult talent agency. I flew out to Burbank and did my first film scene with Zero Tolerance and fell in love with the industry immediately.

JOE: You have a very cool name and a really cool spelling of it, how did you come up with it?

KASSONDRA: Thank you! The name Kassondra has been with me since I was 13. I loved Greek mythology at the time and named an online character I used to play after my favorite mythological heroine Cassandra. She was a prophet, but was cursed by the gods. Although she foresaw the future, her curse was that no one would ever believe her; everyone thought she was insane. My webcam name was Raine before I got into the adult industry. I love rain. It's beautiful and powerful, nurturing and yet destructive. I thought it made a striking name. So I combined my two aliases into one.

JOE: What are your overall career goals? A lot of people have mainstream aspirations, do you?

KASSONDRA: The goal that is most important to me would have to be to have fun and enjoy the experience as much as possible. I love meeting new people and shooting new scenes. Next would be learning as much as possible. I have come to love being an actress. However, I am still a rookie at acting and want to push myself to become as well rounded of an actress as possible. Also filming and editing content is something that I want to learn as much as I can. Where all of this will lead me I don't know and that is part of the fun for me.

JOE: I became aware of you through The Strokemon parody and let me just say you are very funny and have a great delivery of lines. How did you get involved with the project? How was it working with Lee Roy Myers? Were you familiar with his work or the work of your co-stars Rizzo Ford and Tyler Nixon?

KASSONDRA: I was contacted by Lee Roy Myers about doing The Strokemon parody and having worked with him before shooting commercials for the adult retail store The Lion's Den I was very excited to work with Lee Roy again. Working with him has truly been a pleasurable experience. He is a pioneer in adult film. He is creative, light hearted and just plain fun to work with. I am definitely looking forward to working more with him in the future.

JOE: How did you prepare for your role as Fisty? Were you a Pokemon fan before this? If so which one is your favorite? Did you watch any old episodes to help you imitate her character?

KASSONDRA: I didn’t really watch Pokemon much growing up, so I was fairly unfamiliar with the TV series. After familiarizing myself with the script, I spent a few evenings looking up old episodes on the net and studying my charactor. I knew that there were some serious Pokemon fans out there and I wanted to represent “Misty” / Fisty to the best of my ability, with a cute and sexy spin of course!

JOE: You and Tyler Nixon had really good chemistry with each other, not just in the sex scene but also in the dialogue scenes, did you two know each other before hand? If not how did you build up that chemistry?

KASSONDRA: No, that was my first time meeting Tyler. I thought he was really attractive when I first met him, so that provided some chemistry right away. Plus, we had a lot of time on set to chat and get to know each other a bit. We had a great time practicing the script too, he was hilarious! I wish I could watch the out-takes, I think some of them were even funnier than the finished scenes.

JOE: The threeway between you, Rizzo Ford and Tyler Nixon was one of the better ones I have seen. Did you three do anything special before hand to get comfortable with each other? What do you do to prepare for a threeway?

KASSONDRA: No, we didn’t do anything “special” before the scene. We had been together on set all day, so we had plenty of time to get acquainted and comfortable with each other. That is actually the only threeway I have done on film so far, but usually I just like to have a little time to meet and talk with my scene partner(s) beforehand. So far, everyone I have worked with has been really fun and laid back, and I have felt comfortable right away.

JOE: Anything special you do to prepare for filming? What are the differences in filming parodies versus straight sex scenes? Do you do anything different to prepare for sex scenes with men versus sex scenes with women? Do you prefer doing one over the other?

KASSONDRA: My preparation for filming pretty much consists of showering, shaving, hair, and makeup. Sometimes there are lines to go over and practice, or I need to talk with the director a bit about how he/she wants the scene to flow. There aren’t many differences, in my experience, between filming a sex scene for a regular scene vs. a parody. The lines are a lot funnier, and there is definitely a humorous aspect to the sex in a parody. There are moments when it’s hard to keep a straight a face. Preparing for scenes with men or women is pretty much the same for me, although to be honest if I had to choose, I would say I prefer boy/girl scenes. I have fun doing girl/girl scenes, but nothing compares to sweaty rough sex with a hot guy!

JOE: A lot of "feminists" like to use the old stigma that the women in porn are exploited, abused, forced and tricked to perform but from what I've seen the women in porn these days seem to really enjoy what they are doing and they seem to be the real empowered feminists, what are your thoughts on this?

KASSDONRA: I would agree with you completely. I film porn because I love sex. I have a great time and I get paid well to enjoy myself. I think few people can say the same, so who exactly is being exploited? The adult industry is rare in that women are actually paid more than men. In the majority of scenes, the female is the star, and the men are pretty much just there to provide a cock; half the time you don’t even see men’s faces. Not to mention, men compose the majority of the consumer base that is being targeted by pornography. It seems easier to argue that porn exploits men rather than women. There are exceptions to every rule of course, but in my experience women who aren’t happy with what they are doing are definitely in the minority. And what those women do is their business; the rest of the industry shouldn’t be judged by the decisions of a few. In my opinion, any time you are dealing with money, there is going to be exploitation. Profit is exploitation, so to that extent it is unavoidable. But compared to other industries I have worked in (like fast food, retail, etc), I find the adult industry to be more honest and less exploitative.

JOE: Is there a type of porn you prefer doing? Anything you won't do? How do or did you decide those boundaries and have you had any directors or scene partners that have tried to cross those boundaries? If so how did you handle that?

KASSONDRA: I don’t really have a preference. I love trying new things, so I am always excited to try different types of scenes. Right now, I am not doing anal. It’s something I have limited experience with in my personal life, and isn’t a big turn on for me. I like my scenes to be as real and hot as possible, so I avoid doing things I know I don’t particularly like in private. So far, I have had no problems with anyone trying to cross boundaries.

JOE: There was an interesting discussion going on over at about how it can be hard to have a "normal everyday" life when you perform in porn because you can get recognized in school at part time day jobs or just going out, especially if you are easily recognizable due to hair color, tattoos etc. Have you experienced this? What are your thoughts on this?

KASSONDRA: I am still pretty new to the industry and I have not experienced this yet, so I honestly can’t say. There was a time in my life when the thought of a bunch of strangers recognizing me in public would have been horrifying. I used to be extremely shy and antisocial…doing webcam helped to change that a lot. Now, I think I would feel honored if someone recognized me and was excited to meet me. So I guess I would say, anyone who gets into filming adult movies knows people are going to see it and eventually recognize them. It comes with the territory.

JOE: Going off that, do your friends and family know what you do? If so was it hard to tell them? If not is it hard to keep it a secret?

KASSONDRA: Yes, my friends and family know what I do. I’m proud of it; I was excited to tell them. My family is pretty pissed. They just don’t understand what it is really like. My family is among the “feminist” mindset group you mentioned earlier. And unfortunately, when I try to explain to them my perspective, they simply assume I am too na├»ve to realize that I am unhappy and being exploited. Ah family, gotta love them. My friends started off with a similar mindset as my family, but I think they are warming to the idea, slowly.

JOE: A lot of girls in the industry also do feature dancing and cam shows, do you? If not is this something you would consider doing?

KASSONDRA: I have actually never danced before. I fear I might fall off one of my giant high heels and break my neck, haha! I would certainly be open to trying it sometime in the future though. I have done webcam before, for about two years. I am currently working on filming some content so I can start my own website. When I eventually get that up, it will have a webcam feature.

JOE: Some girls in the industry who do have acting talent transition to the softcore series and films on Cinemax will we ever see you in one of those?

KASSONDRA: Well you will have to ask Cinemax that one! I think it would be something fun to try, so hopefully sometime in the future.

JOE: What do you like to do in your free time?

KASSONDRA: I love nature, so I try to go hiking up at Red Rock whenever I can. I read a lot; I have somewhat of a fetish for Stephen King. As far as non-fiction, David Icke is my favorite author. His books have fascinated me since I was 16. Besides that, I like going out to shows, spending time with friends, the usual.

JOE: Any advice you can offer on girls who are thinking of getting into the industry?

KASSONDRA: Well I would say, don’t just do it for the money. It’s going to be on film forever, and people you know are probably going to find out. So make sure you are confident in yourself and what you’re doing. Also, keep in my mind that agencies are business partners, not employers. If you don’t feel comfortable with something, don’t do it. And always have fun. To an extent, it is important to be professional, be on time, come showered and prepared etc., but I think it’s important to have fun and enjoy yourself as well. It makes the experience better for you, your partner(s) in the scene, and creates a hotter scene overall for the viewers.

JOE: Where can fans keep in contact with you? Anything else you'd like to share/promote?

KASSONDRA: The best way for fans to keep in contact with me is through my Twitter: @KassondraRaine I will have an official Kassondra Raine website up soon. In addition to the Strokemon Porn Parody, please check out my latest DVD releases,” A Gonzo Story: The Mansion Family”, “In The Flesh”, and “Daddy’s Girls 2” all released by B. Skow for Girlfriends Films. Thank you for letting me share myself with you. I hope it has been enjoyable. Kassondra Raine xoxo

Pretty cool interview huh? Anyone who loves Stephen King, I have a fetish for him as well, is my best friend for life. Maybe that's why I liked her so much when I saw her in the parody, I spotted another King fanatic. HAHA.
I'd like to thank Kassondra for taking the time to answer these questions and let the fans know a little bit more about her. I'm excited to see more of her work!


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