Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pierre Fitch Becomes Number 1 Poster On 2Gay4FB Dot Com In Just 2 Hours!

So this little tidbit comes from Morgan Sommer over at The Cybersockets who messaged me last night to tell me that porn star Pierre Fitch has become the number one poster over at in just two hours and that Fitch's posts have generated more traffic to the site in those two hours then the site got in the past week.
Now that's a porn STAR ladies and gentlemen. All you other boys take a lesson.
I checked out the site and it actually seems like it could be pretty lucrative for all of us pervs who like to take pics that are too risque for social media. The site will pay you 50 cents for every 50 viewers of your photo and will split a one dollar referral fee with you for everyone that you get to sign up. While that doesn't sound like a lot, if you get enough hits and enough people to sign up you could make a pretty penny.
You can find out more about the site here:
Thanks for the heads up Morgan and congratulations Pierre!


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