Monday, July 20, 2015

Gawker Outs Executive But Protects The Identity Of The Escort He Was Going To Hire

So probably all of you have heard about this by now but I'm still stunned that Gawker, which is owned by an out gay man, would do this. Thankfully the story has been taken down but at what cost? They already ruined the life of not only the married father they outed but also his wife and kids' lives. And the bitch of it is, Gawker went to great lengths to PROTECT the identity of the gay porn star/escort that the executive wanted to hire even though the article admitted that Gawker knew who the escort was-because he was the one who contacted Gawker after the executive decided not to hire him-and the article's writer even admitted that they had been on the escort's personal Facebook page!
Oh and for those of you who are wondering, the escort is Brodie Sinclair. So yeah, potential clients be careful if you decide to hire him because you just may find yourself plastered all over the internet.
Like most others who were outraged at this, I found myself wondering why? Why not only print the client's full name but also the occupation of his brother AND post a face picture of him and post nothing to incriminate Sinclair who broke Rentboy's code of protecting the client's anonymity and, I'm assuming other escort sites have this same policy in place. This is why people look down on sex workers and escorts.
It just seemed like a very malicious article filled with unjust bias and the cruel nature of the article reminded me of when Str8upgayporn outed Queer Me Now in a completely uncalled for post after Str8upgayporn lost this year's Grabby to Queer Me Now. And just like the Gawker article that post was met with similar outrage and has since been taken down.
Today Gawker has reported that executive editor of Gawker Media, Tommy Craggs and editor in chief of, Max Read, have both resigned and that they, and the rest of the editorial staff, reportedly were AGAINST the removal of the article. Again, I still don't understand. I Tweeted Gawker and asked them what kind of favors or how much Sinclair paid them for their smear campaign against the client but, for some reason, they haven't Tweeted me back.
I just really hope that the people over at Gawker, the writer of that article and Brodie Sinclair are able to sleep at night and that they remember that karma is a bitch. Oh and I checked out Brodie's personal Facebook page and I don't blame the client for cancelling. He's a fucking nut job and even I was freaked out looking at some of his posts.
Oh and even if the author of the article felt he had to out and shame the client because the client's married with kids and it was "immoral" you have no idea what kind of marriage they have, if his wife knows that he's into guys, etc. Maybe they have an open marriage or are poly or maybe they are both aloud to mess around if they feel like it. Hell for all you know his wife could go to strip clubs and hire female escorts. It's none of our business what people do in their private lives, he wasn't hurting anyone so why do you feel the need to destroy his life?
I just hope that too much damage hasn't been done and this man and his family are able to walk away from this eventually.


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