Friday, July 3, 2015

Petition To Boycott And Not Hire Racists Paul Canon And Damien Kyle Started On Change Dot Org

So those of you who follow the blog will remember the post about Paul Canon's racist Tweets that he and supposed "husband"-I word it like that because apparently they have broken up but I was told by someone who knows them that they break up and get back together every week so who even knows if they're truly married-anyway Paul Tweeted that they weren't attracted to "colored people", their words not mine, and only attracted to "beautiful people" which "cuts out certain races" and then compared having sex to black people to having sex with "retarded goats" and even said it's okay to use the word colored because we are "way past segregation and racism" he then said what all racists say: "we're not racists."
Damien Kyle is no stranger to racism either, agreeing with Paul on camera during the taping of Broke Straight Boys TV and, if you saw their three way with Kaden Alexander, Damien never touches or goes near him.
Damiens also done his fair share of posting homophobic and transphobic Tweets and attacking and bullying various people in the industry, including trying to bully yours truly. I saw trying because unfortunately he doesn't have the skills to go up against me and I always put him in his place and made him look like an even bigger idiot.
Anyway, I got tipped off about this petition a few days ago and it's now finally live. A few people have already signed it, me included, and I am begging all of you to please sign and share the petition. In this day and age we need to let people know that we will not support racists or bigots or those who hire them. And I will say it again, any studio who hires them and any performer or director who works with them, any blogger who covers their scenes, any person who views their scenes or pays for a Skype session or sends them money, you are condoning and supporting hate.
You can see the petition here:
Please sign it. It is already hard enough for non white performers to find work and even get equal pay in the industry. Don't make it harder for them.



  1. Maybe I just don't get you kidz. You, kidz (not you Joe), post your life on line then when it comes back to bite you on the ass you whine that the you are the victim.

    But then to have a petition to kick some out of their livelihood. Isn't that just a little lazy? Wouldn't writing these articles and directly to the studios be more effective, although a little more work?

    1. Hey Will, I did write to the studios. But here's my thing, you bring up the question of someone's livelihood, so when people protest or march against business that are homophobic, racist, sexist etc isn't that the same thing? What about petitions to close down circuses etc? Isn't it all the same thing? I'm interested in your thoughts because this has opened up an interesting debate in several places.

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