Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review Of Austin Keyes And Eli Lewis' Scene For Peter Fever

I am becoming the biggest Peter Fever fan! I don't know where he keeps finding all these deliciously hot Asian studs but I really hope that diamond mine he is tapping never runs dry! And I love that my favorite porn crush, Austin Keyes is making his way through all of them!'
And this latest scene does not disappoint and Austin has raised the already high bar he has set for himself even higher and Eli Lewis has gotten himself a brand new fan.
The scene starts with Austin and Eli working out but before long the boys move to the bedroom for a great little cool down.
Austin is rock hard as Eli greedily sucks on his big dick and it isn't long before Austin, who loves to rim a hot ass, has Eli on his back and has his face buried deep in Eli's ass in one of the hottest rim jobs I've ever seen.

Like in most of the scenes on Peter Fever, and all of Austin's scene, the sex feels real and natural. Never once does it feel like you are watching two performers going through the motions of a rehearsed scene. The chemistry is hot you'll feel it and will need to reach for a cold drink several times while you enjoy this amazing scene.
As in past scenes, there aren't that many positions but we don't need to have an overabundance of them instead we are treated to really enjoying the positions and being able to enjoy the beauty of these two amazing men.

I do have to say one of the hottest things in the scene is when Austin starts to admire himself in the mirror by the bed as he's thrusting in and out of Eli's sexy body. Judging by the smile on Austin's face he likes what he's seeing and I don't blame him. I have to hand it to Austin because who among us doesn't enjoy watching ourselves in the mirror when we are with a lover we enjoy?
Those of you who have read my past reviews on Austin's scenes already know how I feel about this great guy who has become a real life friend and for all of those who have seen Austin's previous scenes will not be disappointed. He is in top form and his body looks as great as ever.
This is the first time I've seen Eli and I hope it won't be the last. It is obvious by his face and moans that he loves taking Austin's cock-but again who wouldn't?-and he is such a great bottom that I will be surprised if he doesn't get nominated for Best Bottom during this next award season.
If you are a fan of Peter Fever, Austin, Eli, or hot gay porn in general, you won't want to miss this scene.
Grade: A+