Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Exclusive Interview With Mickey Taylor!

 I love this guy! I love everything he stands for, I love that he started in mainstream, crossed over to porn and yet is still finding success in the mainstream entertainment world and I especially love his attitude; he doesn't give a fuck, he does what he wants and he doesn't care what people think; all the things I stand for and love.
So I was very happy when I reached out to him and he agreed to be interviewed. The only thing rule he gave me was that he wanted hard hitting questions so I tried to come up with questions that were "hard hitting" but not trashy or exploitative or gossipy and I guess I did an okay job because he answered them.
Ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome a man who will be forever remembered in the industry, the newest Naked Sword exclusive, The Polaroid Prince himself: Mr. Mickey Taylor!

JOE:  What is the major difference between porn in The U.S. and porn in England? It seems that there are fewer studios in England and it's more tight knit. Is this true? Is it harder to break into the industry in England? 

MICKEY: I think the issue with UK porn we have what a few people in the UK call "unpolished twinks" so they're very much the twink physique but not always the best looking. They also have a tendency to film once or twice and then quit or they're never used again. So those who many would consider to be much more desirable and hotter are booked more regularly but are usually put with someone new or less experienced which isn't always great for us because the scenes can sometimes take longer etc. But those who have been in the industry longer are definitely close knit. We help each other get work and usually are paired for events, scenes, etc. 

JOE: Going off that, what is the differences between performers here and performers in England? It seems a lot of young performers here do just one solo scene and are already calling themselves "stars." Are performers in England as big headed and think of themselves as A list celebrities and socialites like they do here?

MICKEY:   I think you find the whole thing on both sides of the pond. I know a few models who do like one or two scenes and then walk around pretending they're Gods. Personally I think you can't really call yourself a porn star for at least a few months of filming. Have at least few scenes out there and have a reasonable following on social media and a studio demand for booking. I find though in the UK those who do walk around very early on doing this usually arn't around for very long because you don't want to film with them. It's a shame because some off them are amazing performers but they just cause a little too much trouble for themselves let's say haha 

JOE: What are your thoughts on performers using sites like GoFundMe to get money for their vacations, clothes, furniture?

MICKEY:   I have no issue with them. To be honest it's none of my business lol. If people want to give the guys money then I'm in no place to comment or stop them. As long as no one is getting scammed or hurt I see no issue. :)

JOE:  You seemed to be pretty successful over seas, what made you decide to "hop the pond" and do porn in America? Was immigrating to The U.S. always a dream/goal?

MICKEY: I started to really not enjoy porn in the UK. It started to get a little dramatic for me and  I also had produced a lot of work there and I wanted to really work with new studios but I had worked with every studio I knew I liked or thought was good in the UK except one actually haha. I just think the level of filming  and models is greater and better here and I wanted to show more diversity in the studios I film with and also models.   

JOE:  You seem to enjoy bottoming as much as you do topping, are you vers like that in real life or do you have a preference? What are some tips you can give on being a good vers performer?

MICKEY:  I'm totally vers at home too. But on camera I actually prefer to bottom and that's hopefully what will be happening for many of my scenes for a while now. I don't know about tips haha I think everyone has a unique style an ability when it comes to filming which is why people have preferences.

JOE:  You seem to be really sexual and enjoy sex,when did you first lose your virginity and discover your were gay? Craziest sexual thing you've ever done? Both on and off camera? Anything you won't do in porn?

MICKEY:  I lost my virginity super early in my opinion. (Won't go into that haha) One thing I won't do in porn is piss play. I've done a few things that don't really appeal to me but I knew I could do it because I wanted to do something fans would enjoy but I think piss play is something not for me.

JOE:  Was it hard to come out as a porn performer to friends and family?

MICKEY:  Not at all. My mother was the reason I'm in porn. She told me I should do it and I would enjoy it and have fun with it. All my family knows. They're totally supportive. Some of them went to the porn awards with me. But of course none off them have ever seen my porn and never will. Ewwww haha 

JOE:  Do you do escorting or go-go dancing at all? If so what do you enjoy about those careers?

MICKEY:  I don't escort no. Personally I just don't think mentally I can switch off like that. But applaud those who can. I love to go go dance. Any chance I can I will 

JOE:  You seem to have had a very successful mainstream career before getting into porn, why risk it with becoming a porn performer? Was porn something you always wanted to do or did you just fall into it? Has porn hurt your mainstream career at all?

MICKEY:   I've always just done what ever I wanted. Even when managers etc. have said it might not be a good idea or best for my career. I like to prove people wrong a lot and shake up some trouble haha. So when my manager heard I was doing porn he freaked. But he's so happy I did it now because I get even more work as a model then I ever did. Porn helped boost my popularity in several industries I work in. I just wanted to break some boundaries and show it doesn't matter what I do. If people are good at their job then they should be hired and not discriminated. 

JOE: Speaking of mainstream you have a new CD coming out, is music where you want to go when your life in porn ends?

MICKEY:  Nope haha. I'm a fashion model predominantly and think for now that's what I will always do. I have anxiety issues sometimes with performing so I have to meditate an psyche myself up for it. I did this album because I had fans asking me to make more music after they heard a demo I did. So this is kinda a big thank you to them for getting me where I am. I have done a few acoustic private sessions where my manager has contacted bunches of fans and I still have a few more. Then the album will drop and my world tour starts. I hit the states, China, EU and Australia so I'm super excited to do this for everyone. It's been a long process writing this album but I think it's been worth it. 

JOE:  Are you hated by anyone or have you found it difficult to get jobs because of your mainstream success? 

MICKEY:  Not at all. I never have really struggled getting work with my mainstream modelling. I know of like two models who arn't too keen on me. But I actually have no issue with either of them. I respect their work and what they do. But I think they don't like my honesty. And I am kinda crazy. I'm usually the loudest person in a room and make myself the clown and try and make people laugh and to some people that can be overwhelming and I respect that. 

JOE:  You recently became a NakedSword exclusive, congratulations, what made you choose them over any other studio like say, CockyBoys?

MICKEY:   As everyone knows I have friends over at CockyBoys and I loved filming with them. But I think mr. Pam is a big reason why NakedSword was my fit over the two studios I was also chatting with. Her personality is infectious and I adore filming with her. 

JOE:   I heard that you and Bray Love fell in lust at first site during The Grabbys and that mr. Pam had to make sure you two didn't fuck until your scene, was it hard not to fuck during The Grabbys and save it for the camera? What was it about Bray that attracted you to him?

MICKEY:   It actually wasn't hard at all. Not in a rude way cause I fucking love Bray but I have a boyfriend who is also in porn so we're totally faithful and committed out of porn. If there's a model I like or find hot I ask if I can film with them. But would never fuck them off camera. I'm madly in love with Jack. 

JOE:  You have a confidence that boarders on cocky but you aren't an asshole like some people are that are like that. Why is that? How do you maintain that balance?

MICKEY:   I think my confidence comes from my modeling. I've been doing it for 12 years so confidence on camera and events etc comes easy because I have done it for a long time. But because it has been a long time I also know what cocky and being an asshole can do to a person's career. I'm very humbled by my success in all aspects. Plus I have a enough people back home who support me and keep me grounded which I think is important. 

JOE:  Any advice for people who want to get into the biz, porn or mainstream? Any advice for people who want to be successful in both industries? Can you dispel any myths that working in porn is mainstream career suicide?

MICKEY:  One myth I heard once was that we don't actually fuck or that we have like body doubles for penetration sections in scenes  or our penis is edited in every scene so that it looks bigger. None off that I have ever experienced so I'm gonna say they're not true haha.

JOE:  More porn awards are not only getting started in England but they are getting coverage here in The States, do you think England can compete with The U.S. in terms of porn production and generating porn stars?

MICKEY:  I think it's a different market. Most studios in the UK call themselves amateur porn sites or hire amateur models or scaly guys. I think both sides of the world film two different things. I don't think they can be compared or compete in that sense. 

JOE: Where can fans keep in touch with you?

MICKEY:  My Facebook Instagram and Twitter are @mickeytofficial

I'd like to once more thank Mickey for taking the time out of his schedule to chat with me and I wish him much more continued success in every industry he conquers!


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