Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spotlight On Jacob Valdez AKA Antonio Galvan

I love this guy! He is one of my top pretend porn star boyfriends and, like all my other pretend porn star boyfriends, there is zero info on him. But on the bright side, that just means more pictures in this post and that also means that he'll be immortalized young and hot forever and ever.
He first broke into the industry on June 14th, 2010 using the name Shane on Sean Cody. He did one solo for the company.

And then he left. But, proving there really is a God, he returned in 2012 to do a scene for the site Straight Boys Fucking using the name Jacob.
And using the name Jacob Valdez he did a scene with Allie Jordan for Next Door Hookups.

It's a super hot scene and I highly recommend you watch it.
The first time I was introduced to Jacob though, and the moment we both fell in love with each other lol, was when I saw the scene he shot for Dare Dorm called Ride Me. Again, this is a super hot scene and Jacob is looking his absolute best here! If you are a fan of good college porn go and watch the scene!

And if that's not reason enough to be a fan of his, he also was one of the handful of Dare Dorm guys who appeared in a Dick Dorm episode called Gonzo Mask where he tops a guy! I don't know if Jacob is gay, gay for pay, bisexual, pansexual or heteroflexible and honestly I don't care, I'm just happy that he seems to like to do stuff with dudes as well as chicks so maybe I have a chance with him. HAHA.

And if the porn gods haven't smiled on us enough, remember read the title of this blog post there's an AKA after his name. Yes, that's right. Jacob also worked for Randy Blue under the name Antonio Galvan where he had a solo and bottomed, yes you read that right, bottomed for Chris Rockway and their scene is hot, hot and more hot! There's no way you can fake the passion between those two!

Now can you see why I love this guy? And not just cause I've always had a thing for hunky Latin men? Besides having a rockin' bod he just seems like a nice genuine down to Earth guy you could share a beer with while playing pool.
If anyone knows any more information about him drop me a line. I like to think that he did porn to either help pay for college or get out of debt and then was smart and, instead of letting the industry consume him, got out and pursued his real dreams and passion.
Wherever you are, Jacob, I wish you well and hope you are happy and healthy. But if you ever wanna make a comeback and do a scene with a certain Grabby nominated porn blogger who also does mainstream acting, works for Helix and writes erotica, call me.... ;)



  1. Where can I find, Joe, these porns of Jacob? I really love him, but until now I have just watched him in Kissed by a Rose and in his solos from Nextdoor Male. Could you help me?

    1. On Dare Dorm and Dick Dorm's websites: Dare Dorm: Ride Me and Dick Dorm Gonzo Mask. Were those the videos of his you're looking for?
      His Antonio Galvan stuff is on Randy Blue.