Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Exterior Of Virginia Elementary School Shown On B-Roll Footage Of Gay Porn

Okay this is truly one of those what the fuck moments and I had to go back and read this several times to make sure I had read it correctly.
Str8upgayporn broke this story so I want to thank them for making me face palm myself hundreds of time. If you would like the same experience I encourage you to click here:
It appears that Greenbriar West Elementary school in the affluent Fairfax district of Virginia has made an appearance in Pride Studio's latest scene for Cock Virgins. Only the outside of the school is shown and it looks like the actual scene was filmed inside a stock "classroom" porn set but even still. How can you not see that the name of the school is displayed in the shoot? Nobody in editing caught this? Nobody thought maybe we should blur that out or photoshop something over the name just to, possibly, avoid any kind of legal trouble?
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