Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Does Armond Rizzo Make A Good Point?

So yesterday, gay porn star Armond Rizzo, posted this:
stating that he wants a relationship and family but knows that "everyone" is right and he can't have that while he's in the industry. He then also poses the question should he stay in the industry or follow his heart?
So I ask you guys, do you think it's possible for performers in the adult entertainment industry to have happy, healthy, normal, loving relationships with children, PTA meetings, birthday parties, etc, or do you think that this mysterious everyone is right and that performers in porn are destined for a life of misery, sadness and ultimately dying alone and unloved?
I honestly think it depends on the couple. I know plenty of performers who have happy and stable relationships and even a few who have children and on the other side of the coin I have known couples who have broken up because of one or both partner's involvement in porn. I think the key, like any relationship, is communication, trust, boundaries, and not bottling up emotions and keeping them inside.
Whatever Armond decides to do I wish him the best and hope that he finds happiness. What do you guys think? Leave me some comments below.


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