Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spotlight On Ovidie

Oh my God you guys! I love this woman. I love everything she stands for, I love what she brought to the industry, I love what she did for the industry, I love her reasons for getting into it and, most of all, I just love her name! I think she wins the award for best porn name ever and it suits her, beautiful, intelligent, classy, just like she is. And I'm totally naming my first daughter after her.
Nicknamed L'intello du porno, which translates to the porn star intellectual, she was porn Eloise Becht in Lille, Nord, France on August 25th, 1980. She describes her parents, who were teachers, as liberals and also says that she came from a good family. She was married to a professor at The University Of Paris who left his job there to edit a porn magazine. They later got divorced but Ovidie has stated that her job was not a factor in it.
She always refused to give her real name to the press but it is on IMDB and that's why I included it here. My rule is if someone can find out a performer's real name on the first page of Google, be it via Wikipedia, IMDB etc, then I'll publish it, if you have to do a ton of searching or put in specific key words, the real name stays private. Anyway......

Describing herself as middle class, Ovidie has stated that she did not enter the industry for money but instead it was her involvement in choreography and dance as well as her interest in the human body and its expression that led to her interest in porn.
A self-described "active militant feminist" Ovidie has also stated that she first viewed porn as a way to get a sense of the injustice that was being perpetrated on the girls in the industry but instead was shocked to see the powerful sexual images the girls impressed on her and this realization was also another factor that led to her entering the industry: she wanted to attain that same kind of sexual strength.
After only one year as a performer Ovidie made the transition to directing. Her first film was 2000's Orgie en Noir which was produced by Marc Darcel. The film was a hit and she would continue to direct women friendly films for Darcel as well the companies Blue One and VCommunications and soon she was considered a specialist of porn made by women for women.

In 2002 she published her first book, Porno Manifesto. She said she wrote the book out of anger over the ignorance about the porn industry. Gee, that's kind of like why I started this blog. Interesting.....
Until 2005 she also owned her own sex shop which catered exclusively to women only and in 2006 she wrote and directed numerous political documentaries.
Beginning in May of 2008 she started directing sex education films for FrenchLover TV and by March of 2011 she was FrenchLover TV's program director. She continues to host a weekly talk show for the channel.
In 2003 she had a mainstream appearance in the film All About Anna, which is an amazing film I highly recommend it. Produced by Lars Von Trier's Zenotropa Productions the film featured Ovidie performing unsimulated oral sex on Gry Bay. It is also interesting to note that Ovidie was the only porn performer cast in the film and the only one who does not appear nude. Innocent Pictures would use this task in other films, hiring adult performers and having them either not be the ones who would appear nude or in sex scenes which I thought was awesomely awesome :)
Her other mainstream appearances include roles in Jean Rollin's La Nuit Des Horioges and Bertrand Bonello's The Pornographer, an amazing film go view it now, in which she has an unsimulated sex scene.
Ovidie is also active in music circles and has organized many underground concerts for martial musicians such as Position Parallele and Derniere Volonte and in 2006 she directed 8 music videos for the French electro punk band Metal Urbain. She would return to directing music videos in 2009 when she directed and performed in the music video for the German electro rock/glam band The World Domination and in 2012 she co-wrote along with Eric Debris the book Metal Urbain.
She released another book in 2012, a collaboration with the philosophy PHD Francis Metivier called Sexe Philo.
Ovidie has actually written over ten books and while most of them are about female sexuality, she has also written about pregnancy, philosophy and punk rock. Check out her Amazon page here: if you are feminist, a fan of feminist porn or interested in sexuality in general I highly recommend her books.
In November of 2011 her film, Rhabillage aired on France 2 and attracted six million viewers! It was produced by French director Jean Jacques Beineix, whom Ovidie worked with on Mortel Transfer.

Not surprisingly, Ovidie is also an animal rights campaigner and devout vegan.
In the industry for just five years, Ovidie appeared in over sixty movies and was the recipient of three Bruxelles Awards, two Hot d'Or Awards, a Ninfa Award and two Feminist Porn Awards. She was also a European X Award nominee and in 2012 she was awarded the Non-Equity Joseph Jefferson Award for Original Incidental Music for the play The Word Progress On My Mother's Lips which played at Chicago's Trap Door Theatre! How cool is that?
Ovidie, thank you for what you did for the industry and all the doors and windows you opened for those who came after you!


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