Sunday, April 19, 2015

Some Weird Brent Corrigan Updates

Okay, since I mentioned Brent Corrigan in my last post, why not just continue and give you some, truly bizarre updates that will leave you scratching your head and going, huh?
So a couple days ago, Naked Sword's Sister Roma, whom I absolutely love and adore. She interviewed me on the red carpet of the Cybersocket Awards this last year and couldn't have been sweeter. Anyway, Sister Roma posted a picture on Twitter of the cover of the new film she directed called Vegas Hustle. Brent Corrigan is in it. It was a nice Tweet. She calls him a superstar and says she loves the cover. Brent then Tweets back to her, acknowledges the cover is nice but says that it's "false advertising"-why?-because his casting in the film was a "stunt maneuver." He then sends out a Tweet saying he won't be promoting the film and that he's "tired" of being "tossed into insular parts just so I promote it for them."
Um....Yeah.....Welcome to show business honey. Whatever name or fame or celeb status you have is why you get cast in a part or why you are a spokesman for a company/product or why you have a sex toy made of you. To promote the product and make the company, studio, whatever, money.
Okay then it gets even weirder and I'm still wondering what the whole thought process was behind this move.
Brent then takes to Twitter and says that he's tired of the "lack of appreciation" he's getting from "certain news outlets", read gay porn blogs, and that if "I change they would." He then Tweets again saying that he's tired of bloggers saying how tired he looks and posts a picture of himself, badly bandaged so we all knew it didn't really happen, claiming he just had a face lift. To further the charade he then Tweets about how he's in a lot of pain and that the Oxy is kicking in.
Okay, so then I don't know if people called him out on the bad bandage job or if this stunt didn't pan out the way he thought or if people then started giving him more shit for getting work done but he then Tweets that he "doesn't need any plastic surgery and I didn't get any."
Um....Okay....Then why go through this whole elaborate set up?
To see the pic and read the Tweets click here:


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