Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ryan Rose And Grant Roy Have A Twitter Fight

Happy Sunday everyone. While I prep myself for round two of the Twitter fight I had with porn and reality "star" Damien Kyle, we'll get to that soon enough, I thought I would share another Twitter fight that happened a couple days ago between Ryan Rose and Grant Roy who runs the cam site RealBoysOnline and was also the former business partner, and lover, of Brent Corrigan.
The fight started when someone asked Ryan what he thought about model Brady Bennett whom Ryan allegedly brought to California to shoot with Sean Cody. Ryan talks about how Brady was "scalped" by Grant and Paul; there's some confusion as to which Paul Ryan is referring to; either Brent's other ex or Grant's husband. Ryan then calls them "low life pieces of shit," and says that they got Brady hooked on drugs, alcohol and "forced him" to participate in sex parties. He then says they got him involved with Brent and ominously brings up Corrigan's "shady past." Juicy right? I know. Oh it gets better.
Grant then takes to Twitter and calls Ryan, among other things, "king of the hookers." Of course a huge fight starts and Ryan gets some good digs in, including alleging that Grant is a pedophile by calling him a child predator.
And what does the cause of this fight, Brady Bennett have to say about all this? He denies ever having done drugs, don't they all?, and then says "my history with them is in the past. I'm trying to be happy in the present. And make hope for a brighter future."
Okay I'm not trying to say anything but isn't that what all the A list celebrities basically say when they check into Promises for a weekend vacation, I mean serious rehab treatment?
For the full story, including all of the juicy Tweets, click here:


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