Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review Of Taleon Goffney's Autobiography

So a few days ago I posted an interview I conducted with Taleon Goffney, besides being kind enough to answer my questions, he was also generous enough to give me a copy of his autobiography which I could not put down.
First off, I love reading about people's stories. Maybe it's because I'm a writer but people's lives fascinate me. It doesn't matter who you are, if you've written an autobiography or a biography has been written about you, chances are I'll read it. I even spend hours looking up people wanting to find every piece of biographical information I can to try to piece together how/where they ended up where they did.
If you are familiar with the infamous case of Taleon and his twin brother then this is a book not to be missed as you get the real story, and the events that lead up to that famous heist, straight from the horse's mouth.
If you have ever wondered what could make someone turn to a life of crime, what could make a straight guy do gay porn and what could make a straight guy do gay porn with his twin brother, then this book will definitely be on your must read list.
The book documents Goffney's life, beginning with his childhood growing up poor and in the hood and what lead him to first begin robbing at a heartbreakingly young age. He talks candidly about the many, many relationships he had and why he seemed to always go back to crime to make money. He doesn't hold back as he recounts the way he entered the adult industry and what was going through his mind when he was asked to do scenes with his twin brother and with another man. Goffney takes us on a journey that at times is funny, other times heartbreaking and toward the end almost unbelievable. We are witnesses, forced to sit back helpless as we watch his life unfold faster and faster as he loses control of it. We root for him, we chide him, we weep for him. A majority of us who read the book know how his story ends but that doesn't lesson the payoff of seeing how that ending came to be.
Written in an almost conversational tone the reader will at times forget that it is a book they are reading. Even if you've never spoken to him before, you can hear Goffney's voice in your head as if he is sitting with you, telling his story over coffee or lunch and by the last page you feel as if you have just been reacquainted with an old friend. Having spoken with Taleon numerous times through email and gotten to know him that way, my heart went out to him more and I felt a sadness I have not felt while reading someone's memoir. Maybe because I now consider him a friend or because I now have a relationship with him but our email conversations allowed me to feel and empathize that much more to his journey.
Another thing I must praise is the lack of bitterness that is in the writing. Taleon does not try to present himself as a victim or throw blame on other people, which a lot of people probably would do. He takes responsibility for his actions which makes his readers have that much more respect for him.
I would like to personally thank Goffney for allowing us to hear his story and being man enough, and brave enough, to reveal so many personal and intimate details about his life.
I highly recommend this book and give it a solid 10/10.
It can be found on Amazon. It's cheaper than a Starbucks. Everyone go and get it now:  http://www.amazon.com/Search-Better-Life-Became-Infamous-ebook/dp/B00PZOG8SE/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


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