Friday, April 3, 2015

New Site Miami Pool Boys Launches With The Debut Of Quincy Soto!

 Well another porn star to add to my list of porn star crushes and pretend porn star boyfriends haha.
Earlier this week the new site based down in Florida called, appropriately enough, Miami Pool Boys launched with the debut of new Brazilian model Quincy Soto. God I love Brazilians. I've fucked and sucked quite a few in my lifetime, both male and female. ;)
Anyway, Quincy definitely has all the makings of a star and I really hope he goes far in the industry and that Miami Pool Boys has more in store for us then just a solo. I wanna see him in action if you know what I mean honey.
The owner of the site has said that while their models are similar to the Sean Cody boys, he plans to feature models that fit that pool boy stereotype; so does that mean Miami Pool Boys is going to become the ethnic Sean Cody? God I hope so. Lord I knows I love me a good looking white boy but it's 2015 and I wanna see more good looking ethnic dudes on the sites! I'm looking at you Dare Dorm, Dick Dorm, Haze Him; where are my horny black and Latin frat boys?
Anyway, welcome to the industry Quincy and I hope you have a long and prosperous career-side not am I the only one who thinks he looks like Chris Brown? And am I the only one who wants one of those Miami Pool Boy tanks he's got? I really am looking forward to following your career. Check out the site and Quincy's hot solo here:

Oh yeah, now it really is Good Friday ;)


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