Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In Memoriam: Danny Steinmann (January 7th 1942-December 18th 2012)

 There's unfortunately not a lot of biographical information out there on Danny Steinmann so this will be a short memoriam.
He was born in New York on January 7th 1942. His father was a well-known art collector named Herbert R. Steinmann.
In 1973 Steinmann made his directorial and writing debut, under the name Danny Stone, with the porn film High Rise. A psychedelic porno about a woman's sexual exploits in a, surprise, high rise building. Steinmann spent a month and a half of prep time on the film and shot it in two and a half days! Pretty impressive. The film, which ends with a long psychedelic orgy complete with "groovy music" that includes vocals features Jamie Gillis and Harry Reems as well as a woman with the best porn name ever, Bertha Boobs.
He then moved on to mainstream films directing the horror movie The Unseen, however he hated the finished product so much that he once again used a pseudonym, Peter Foleg. After this he directed Linda Blair in the film Savage Streets but it is probably his last film that he is most well known for: Friday The 13th: A New Beginning. This film became known for it's then high body count for the series, gore, explicit nudity, sex scenes and drug use. There was rumors that hardcore drug use behind the scenes was frequent on set.
Although he was slated to write and direct a sequel to Last House On The Left, this unfortunately never came to fruition. That unfortunately was the case with the other five films he was slated to direct after A New Beginning, every one of them fell through. He was then involved in a serious bicycle accident and was unable to return to directing. Steinmann did however head a production company in Puerto Rico which made commercials for companies such as Wesson Oil, Chase Manhattan Bank and House Of Pancakes.
At the age of 70 Steinmann passed away in Los Angeles on December 18th 2012. He is survived by his son, actor and writer, Robert Steinman.
Rest in peace Danny.


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