Monday, April 20, 2015

In Memoriam: Viju Krem

My God this woman was beautiful! She was only in 6 films during her all too brief career but they were memorable ones. She appeared in Let My Puppets Come by Deep Throat director Damiano. This film was the first porn to feature puppet on puppet and puppet on people sex. It's actually a pretty funny movie I highly recommend it, though fans of wonderfully sleazy 70s exploitation flicks will know her best as Natasha Di Natalie in Joel M. Reed's classic Bloodsucking Freaks.
Not much, unfortunately is known about Krem. I heard that she was born in Germany to Estonian parents and grew up in Canada where she trained in gymnastics and ballet. In the 70s she started modeling and traveled and lived in many different countries thanks to her career. She also wrote a book called How To Succeed In Modeling in 1976. The book can be found on Amazon for a hefty price but I've heard that you can still find copies on EBay.
Also in 1976 she was reportedly considered to march in The Olympics for Canada.

Krem's life was cut tragically short when, on November 17th, 1983, she was killed in Paynesville, Minnesota while on a hunting trip with her husband after she was accidentally shot.
Viju, rest in peace you beautiful angel. You may gone but you will never be forgotten.


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