Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review Of Brent Corrigan And Theo Ford's Scene For Falcon

So about a week ago Falcon released a new scene between Brent Corrigan and Theo Ford. The scene received very high praise from fans and critics because, unlike a lot of scenes, this one feels like we're watching two people make love instead of just fucking for the camera. In fact, for most of the scene it feels as if Theo and Brent forget they are being filmed and on a porn set. There's no feeling of them going through the motions or doing the positions that the director told them to do; it's almost like the director just yelled "action" and let them do whatever came naturally.

It's a long scene, at nearly 40 minutes, but it doesn't feel long. It's very clear that Theo and Brent like each other, a lot, so it's no surprise that Ford had this to say about the scene: "When I met Brent Corrigan in December on set of Falcon, I was stressed to work with someone who had been in the business for so long. I didn’t want to disappoint him or the studio. I guess I did a good job as Falcon still books me, and Brent has become a close friend since. […] I love him so much, and I feel so humble that he opened up to me the way he did. I will always be there for him in every way possible. Our scene for Falcon will be released soon, so you guys can judge the chemistry. It was real, there’s no denying it!"
He is right, the chemistry is very real between these two and that's evident with every smile, every kiss, every look, ever touch, every caress. These aren't "porn stars" performing for their fans, these are close friends who do love each other expressing that love the only way they know how.

One of the interesting things that fans will notice is the lingering shots that are used in this scene. The director allows the camera to stay on Corrigan and Ford so we can fully appreciate the beauty of their love making and really have time to take in and digest what we're seeing. Something else I found interesting, and really liked, is there are only two sex positions in this scene and both of them allow Theo and Brent to look into the others' eyes. For most of the scene Corrigan is on top of Ford, riding him. It's not until the very end of the scene that Theo puts Brent onto his back so he can be in control. And even after both of them cum they continue to kiss and cuddle each other, leaving we, the audience, feeling strangely satisfied as if we've just made love ourselves.
This is, without a doubt, the best scene that Falcon has put out for a while and the best scene that these two performers have been in. Not only have Corrigan and Ford set the bar high for Falcon they've also set the bar high for themselves and it will be hard to top this one. It doesn't matter if you're a Falcon fan, a Corrigan fan, a Ford fan or just a gay porn fan, this scene is going to be at the top of your must watch list and if these two don't get nominated-and win-some Best On Screen Couple Awards at the next round of porn awards there is something seriously wrong with the industry!


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