Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spotlight On Crave

So of course, I couldn't do a blog on the industry without talking about Crave. I find her story fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time and I am surprised there has not been some kind of juicy TV movie on Life Time or BET about her; I mean come on people you are missing out on a golden opportunity! The youngest daughter from Family Matters ending up in hardcore porn!!!! No one saw that coming!
She was born on December 17th, 1979 in Belleville Illinois as Jamie Foxworth. She began modeling at five years old and was soon appearing on TV in national ads. It wasn't long before she was cast in her most famous role as Judy Winslow, the youngest daughter on the show Family Matters. Unfortunately with the introduction and rising popularity of the Urkel character, Foxworth was left with little for her character to do and because of budget cuts she was written off after the fourth season. There is also a rumor that she asked for a raise and that just added fuel to the fire. She disappeared without any explanation and for the remainder of the series The Winslows acted as if she had never existed. It may be an interesting thing to note that the rumor has always been that the reason Jo Marie Payton left the series was also because of The Urk Man and that she didn't like how it soon became all about Steve Urkel and less about The Winslows. Juicy right? I actually worked with Jaleel White early in my Hollywood career and he couldn't have been nicer and he only speaks fondly of his Urkel character and credits that character for him having fame, success and financial stability. It's nice when actors give credit where it's due. Anyway, back to Crave.
After she left the show she formed a musical group called S.H.E. with her two sisters but apparently it was short lived. She unfortunately battled alcoholism and a dependence on painkillers as well as depression and eventually became destitute.
There was another rumor going around that she became poor because her $500,000 trust was used to pay off her family's debts and keep them from going bankrupt but she later denied these rumors, stating that while her family did become poor they never went bankrupt.
In 2000 she made her porn debut with the film More Black Dirty Debutantes 30 using the name Crave. She would use this name for all but one of her films, Chilling With Jake Steed's Freaks Whoes And Flows 25, where she used the name Monet.

Her last adult film was in 2009 with an appearance in The Jeffersons porn parody.
Her work in the industry was documented in an episode of Oprah, and if you can find a copy of the interview online I highly recommend you watch it, with some tissues, it will break your heart.
On May 29th 2009 Foxworth gave birth to her first child, a son, with her longtime boyfriend Michael Shaw and in the fall of that same year TV Land chronicled her story in their Life After series, again if you can find a copy of the episode check it out, with tissues.
Today Jamie, along with her two sisters, are represented by her mom, Gwyn Foxx who is a talent agency out here in LA so hopefully a comeback is in the works. There were rumors several years ago that she was working on a reality show about her life as well as writing her autobiography but I looked and couldn't find any information that either of them were ever released. In the very least, I hope Jamie is happy and I really do hope that if she wants to come back to acting she is able to. She actually did have talent and was a very cute kid who grew up to be a very beautiful woman.

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