Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Drama Filled Cody Cummings Update

So remember a few days back when I posted about Cody Cummings' Twitter meltdown after leaving Next Door Studios? Where break out the popcorn, the candy and the extra large soda because the sequel has just been released. I'm not even going to try to summarize it because really it needs to be read to be believed but I am warning all my writers out there, there are so many spelling and grammatical errors that you will have to read and re-read and re-read once more because, if you're anything like me, you will start correcting the mistakes in your head. Okay here's the link to the blog. Go read it. It's okay I'll wait:
Finished? Okay. Let's have a little talk time now.
First, I love that he titles the post "Suck My Nuts" because I know if I want people to be on my side the first thing I do is give a blog a title like that. I can just picture him saying it too in a little kid voice, remember when we use to get into fights on the playground and say shit like that? I love it.
Okay but real talk, I know I seem insensitive and like I'm making fun of him, and I'm totally owning that I am and will probably put this and every other porn star Twitter meltdown/fight/rant into my stand up act-I'm a comic and that's what we do and I'm owning it, but seriously I really do feel sorry for the kid. In reading it I was reminded of other straight performers whose meltdowns I have witnessed, most notably Chase Mejia's and, most recently, Michael Hoffman. I see a kid who probably got into the business for the wrong reasons and was probably, and most likely still isn't, mature enough to see how this business really works and what exactly you lose when you enter it. I also see someone who probably as a kid and even teenager had big hopes and dreams for the future and this wasn't it. I see someone who is most likely, even if he won't admit it or doesn't consciously know it yet, is struggling deeply with his own confused sexuality and, for whatever reason, is still adamantly saying he's straight when I think a better label-and I hate those-would be heteroflexible.
I do wish him well though and I hope that for his own sake and wellbeing he gets out of the industry. I don't think porn is the industry for him, especially gay porn, I think if he still wants to be a "star" he should just do straight stuff or focus more on his mainstream photography and videography and leave Cody Cummings in the past and just focus on who he is.
Oh, and a word of advice to him if he reads this, his stalker is following his new Twitter account, you can see her Tweets here:
and, again, if he reads this or if anyone who knows Cody personally reads this, I would advise that he not engage her delusions and that he doesn't give her ANY kind of clues as to where he may be living. As someone who has had stalkers, and a stalker at the level she is at, she can turn very dangerous very quickly and I would bet my career that in her mind she believes they are in a relationship.
At any rate, Cody, I really do wish you well and I hope that you are able to find happiness.


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