Friday, May 1, 2015

Spotlight On Scotty Dean

Happy Friday my fabulous fornicators! Today's spotlight is on another guy I absolutely love who, unfortunately there isn't a lot of information on him so, I know you all are gonna hate this but it's gonna be mostly pictures, and double unfortunately he wasn't in the industry that long but he still did a few scenes with some awesome people and I'm just happy that is perfect looks will be immortalized forever. Ladies and gentlemen Mr. Scotty Dean!

During his all too short time in the industry, Scotty mostly performed in gay scenes where he topped or did solos for gay studios. He worked for Next Door Studios, Hot House, Dylan Lucas, Jake Cruise and had scenes with Austin Merrick, Jimmy Clay, Lance Alexander and Cameron Foster.
Scotty, from what I could find, only did one straight scene for Dare Dorm. I think this was because at the time he was in the industry he had a girlfriend-AKA luckiest woman in the world-and he was keeping it a secret from her. One of the rumors on why he got out of the industry was because they later got engaged and married and, after a stalker outed Scotty to his friends and family, his girlfriend made him get out of the industry and he did; which I totally respect. Our loss but that shows what kind of man he is.

Scotty also posed for photographer Mark Henderson and as you can see the camera loves him. He totally could have made a killing in mainstream modeling.
So as I said earlier, I don't know if he did gay porn because of the girlfriend thing, I don't know what his orientation is; if he's bi, queer, heteroflexible, pansexual, straight but attracted and open to being with dudes and I don't care, but he had amazing chemistry with his scene partners and he seemed like a guy who really liked fucking so maybe that's what it was. I do have to say though that he has THE best ass in porn and it's a shame that he never bottomed but at least that old pervert Jake Cruise-and that's why we love him-gave us a peek at Scotty hole and, as I knew it would be, it's hairless and it seems that Scotty enjoys being rimmed, which, when I first saw his ass on Dare Dorm I said, I hope this guy has done gay porn because that is an ass that needs to be eaten. And my prayers were answered so thank you porn gods. HAHA. But regardless it's cool to see a dude, straight or not, who enjoys getting pleasure and having fun because that's what life and sex and the world is all about.
Anyway, as I said before Scotty had a stalker so I am not going to divulge his real name, although you can find it online and I am going to keep the personal information to just this: he attended Northland Pioneer College and is set to graduate this year, congrats Scotty! He is getting a degree in medicine and wants to be a doctor and he was the SGA President, basically the student government president and it seems that he's really into helping out the community and giving back which is why he wants to be a doctor, to help people.

Scotty, even though your time in the industry was short thank you for letting us enjoy your beauty. And wherever you and whatever you're doing I hope you're happy but maybe do some mainstream modeling on the side. For the fans ;)


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