Thursday, May 7, 2015

Boomer Banks, Liam Riley, Tayte Hanson And Levi Karter Appear In Cazwell's New Music Video

Okay I must admit I love Cazwell. His music videos are awesome and his songs are a ton of fun. I mean come on, Ice Cream Truck, I Seen Beyoncé At Burger King, how can you beat those? Well now his latest song, Downtown, features porn stars Tayte Hanson-whom I love-Boomer Banks, Levi Karter and Liam Riley. That's a lot of gay porn stars. And Cazwell gives us what we want, hot muscular guys in tight underwear, hot muscular guys in tight underwear shaking their asses, hot muscular guys in tight underwear making out with each other, hot guys sucking on guns like it's a cock, hot guys licking a beer bottle like it's a dick, need I go on?
Anyway, if you wanna listen to a, surprisingly, catchy rap song and get a little titillation then go here: