Sunday, May 3, 2015

Breaking News: Jarec Wentworth Faces 15 Years And Is Indicted On Six Counts!

The weekend was bad for Jarec Wentworth AKA Teofil Brank. Str8upgayporn is reporting that late Friday Brank was indicted with on six new counts and could now face up to 15 years in prison. This now makes 7 counts that he's indicted on. The last charge, having to do with the gun that was found in Brank's vehicle at the time of his arrest, adds a minimum 5 years in prison to his sentence if convicted.
Brank's lawyer has already filed a motion to dismiss the additional counts and has stated that the prosecution's "eleventh hour indictment is vindictive, violates Brank's right to due process."
The hearing to determine whether or not Brank is tried with these new counts is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9AM and on Friday the court is scheduled to rule if a Tweet that Str8upgayporn retweeted can be used as evidence in the trial.
The prosecution has filed a motion to exclude any testimony or evidence regarding Brank's allegations of rape against Donald Burns.
The trial is set to begin on May 12th and I will be sharing updates as I get them.
To read the full story and see the indictments and motions click here:


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