Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Grabby Awards Are Tonight-Here Are My Thoughts

Tonight we celebrate The Grabby Awards, one of the biggest nights in gay porn, in Chicago. Well let me rephrase that, most everyone in the industry has been celebrating in Chicago the past couple of days, I've been, and will be, celebrating from my house in Los Angeles.
I really wanted to get out there for the awards, not just because this is my first time as a nominee-thank you Grabbys! Still honored-but also because I love Chicago. I was lucky enough to do stand up there a year ago and was looking forward to getting back. Unfortunately, or not actually, I am in rehearsals for a world premier play and we open in two weeks so it's crunch time and I didn't want to leave my cast high and dry. Plus I would have had to take a red eye out to Chicago last night and then a red eye tonight so I'd rather wait until next year, when no doubt the blog will be nominated again, and just take a whole week or two and really enjoy one of my favorite cities and the awards properly.
Am I anxious about the announcements tonight? Yes. I'm human. Do I want to win? Of course! I already know where I'll put the statue on my desk and my award will become my next tattoo. Do I think I'll win? Actually I don't. And here's why. I am the baby in my category-Best Porn Blog-and I am up against some heavy hitters. Yes, I have almost 25000 readers which I can't believe and which I am very thankful and yes it seems that every day the blog is getting attention by someone either by retweeting or sharing on Facebook or Instagram or whatever and I'm so honored by that but, the reality is, my blog isn't even a year old yet and I'm up against bloggers who, are not only better writers than I am, they have been doing it far longer, have more of a name and are more respected than I am. I actually think that Str8upgayporn or Queer Me Now should win. Those two are, in my opinion, the top blogs. But if by some miracle I do win, I will be very happy and I just want to say thank you to everyone who has read the blog, everyone who has agreed to be interviewed and everyone who has supported me and said they enjoy what I do because that's why I keep on doing this: for you guys.
I saw a post that performer Riley Price said on his website a few days ago about The Grabbys and I want to share it with you. I think it's true. Riley congratulates all the nominees and then cautions us to not make the mistake of thinking a win means something. He then says it's good to be validated but it's more important to wake up tomorrow. And I think that's true. Not just with porn awards but mainstream awards too. I think too many people put too much meaning on winning and how many Facebook likes you have or YouTube hits or Twitter followers and we forget the real meaning of life and what happiness really is.
To check out Riley's site click here:
To all my fellow nominees good luck tonight and may the best man win and I will see you crazy fuckers next year and I just hope you can keep up with me when I party! :P


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